There is no point in carrying out an

There is no point in carrying out an action for someone who has already purchas or who will not be interest in that product. The relationship routine is more suitable for companies where the sale is complex or the purpose is simply to generate reputation and brand value among the base. Even here, segmenting the base is equally important. The unsubscribe or mark as spam button is right there , and all it takes is one email addressing a subject that doesn’t interest the user for them to be remov from your list. 8.3. When to invest: The basic question to start doing email marketing is: do you have an email base? If you answer yes, consider another question: is it segment? If so, create lists separat by interest, region, product, age, gender.

The more specific the better

The more specific the better. “Ah, but it’s going to be work. Will I have to make several emails, one for each segmentation?” He is going yes. And that’s what will bring results. Now, if your company doesn’t have a base, consider the other strategies we cover here to generate traffic and leads. But NEVER buy email bases from others. And, if you have a base but it is not segment, evaluate the possibility of carrying out an initial email action requesting more data from your audience. Data that will be  Latest database relevant to separate leads from the base. But of course, offer something in return . A content, an offer, a discount. Otherwise, no one will respond. 8.4. How to measure the result:

And that's what will bring results

Opinion, works in practice as a sub-discipline of SEO. Inbound marketing , as you know, involves reversing the traditional logic of outbound marketing , where companies focus on their products and solutions and us mia channels to propagate them. Naturally, the outbound approach limit the potential for results, as a large part of the public in any segment (around 90%) is not looking for that solution. However, most of these potential customers have pain points that the company’s solution could solve. Inbound marketing is anchor at this point. He advocates that companies should address consumers’ pain first, starting the EC Lists relationship there. And once the conversation is establish and the pain is explain, get into the merits of the solution.

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