Make sure the connection secure with all downloads

Make sure the connection secure with all downloads and sales materials complying with security certificates. Optimization of the user interface a mobile-optimiz website simplification of purchasing processes and the use of technology such as chatbots and virtual asstants are recommend. Provides excellent customer service generation x customers highly value customer service. You should ensure that you have a highly train customer service team available to respond to customer questions and nes. Use effective communication channels generation x values ​​personaliz and effective communications. It important to use relevant communication channels such as email phone calls and text messages to maintain a good relationship with customers.

What needs to be improved to

Provides detail product information generation x customers tend to more analytical and careful when making purchasing decions . Therefore it essential to provide detail and accurate information about the products and services you offer. You must provide mobile app designs service all necessary technical information as well as pricing and availability information. Offer incentives and promotions generation x customers also appreciate incentives and promotions as they are price conscious and looking to get the st value for their money. It important to offer promotions and dcounts on quality products and services. Ltens and responds to customer nes lastly you must lten and respond to the customer’s nes.

Further enhance e-commerce in Colombia

Generation x values ​​feback and expects their opinions to heard and address. You should prepar to make adjustments and improvements bas on the suggestions and feback you receive from customers. Reputation love mark brand health brand EC Lists equity what model should I follow in my company reputation or brand image have en widely us concepts in the academic environment due to their relationship with other marketing variables such as the influence on trust expectations and the purchasing decion of new customers.

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