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The employer desire to obtain financial benefits. Many people will wonder why someone would want to hack my small website that doesn’t even collect sensitive data? We will try to answer this and a few other questions. In this article, you will learn why WordPress websites are so love by hackers and the most common reasons why WordPress can be hacke and how to protect yourself. Why is WordPress chosen by hackers? First of all, it should be note that WordPress is not the only target of attacks. All websites on the Internet are susceptible to hacking attempts and each can be infecte. 

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The reason why WordPress is the most common target for hackers , however, is its popularity. Hundres of millions of websites operate on the CMS in question (yes, statistically, every third website on the Internet is base on WordPress). In addition, there is a specific environment consisting of free templates, plug-ins and other community resources which, if made publicly available to everyone, may be infecte, have photo editor back-doors and other threats. Hackers have different motives and different means to hack websites. Some of them are beginners; they are just learning and trying their hand at less secure or not secure at all sites.

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Unupdate WordPress Some WordPress users are afraid to update their sites to the latest version because they are afraid of possible damages associate with the update. It sounds reasonable, but this type of reasoning misses one important point. While update-relate damage can always be repaire by restoring a file backup, this is not EC Lists necessarily the case when it comes to damage resulting from a hacker attack. Typically, bugs and security vulnerabilities are fixe with each WordPress update. At the time of the update, these vulnerabilities have long been known and publicly distribute.

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