Social Corporate Communication Reveals the Human Side

Social corporate communication reveals the human side of the company . Corporate communication, social networks do you want to connect to your target? Invest in social mia marketing! It’s the golden age of social mia! Everyone talks about social mia and.  Platforms like facebook, instagram, snapchat or youtube are full of subscribers! Communication is social at all levels! This means that companies must also organize themselves and carry . Out social corporate communication! Many immiately sens the deal, opening their own business page.  Follow by entertainment people, creatives and politicians, 

Because social networks are a must to follow

Who reap the benefits of direct contact with their fan base! But on social networks there are also many.  Ordinary people, consumers and potential customers: the gold mine for any company! Do you want a number? Does 35 million mean anything to you? Because 35 million italians use social networks every day . Which special data therefore become another gold mine in which to absolutely invest ! How are you with corporate communication? What type of company do you have? Traditional, digital? How do you communicate with your target? I hope it does social corporate communication.  Because, as I will explain better, with data in hand, it is no longer possible to ignore the world of social networks! If you are more accustom to paper and 

Traditional means of communication, 

Social media on the podium

I will ask you to make an effort! The strength of social corporate communication is that it manages.  To show the human side of the company, through continuous dialogue. Which creates lasting relationships with people! Not only! From social channels you can get a lot of information about your target.  Which is very important for your marketing department and your brand! Because social networks are a must to follow let’s do some math! From the numbers you will understand how important . It is today to invest in social mia marketing and carry out corporate . Communication EC Lists on social mia! Let’s go back to those 35 million italians who use social mia every day! This is stat by the 2019 data just publish by we are social and hootuite.

Advertising and Social Selling on Linkedin in the Luxury Sector

Advertising and social selling on linkin in the luxury sector.  Linkin, online advertising message . Use the professional network to sell your products or services! Have you ever thought about linkin as a sales channel? If you sell expensive products and services, aim at a high target.  You should consider the idea of advertising and social selling on linkin! I imagine that the word social selling brings to mind facebook, instagram or youtube! Inde, we talk more about these platforms, regarding sales on social mia, but.  I assure you that linkin is no exception! Many italian and foreign luxury brands are on linkin, because this platform.  From a professional social mia, has also become a tool for 

Some advice on corporate Linkedin Ads

Advertising and selling online! The goal of advertising on linkin to sell products or services, advertising.  As you know very well, is essential. This is what also happens on linkin.  Where every day many companies publish advertising.  Campaigns to find new latest database customers and increase sales! For luxury goods, however, the situation is different! Advertising tells the story of the brand and never pushes direct sales! This depends on the type of market, which is completely different from that frequent by.  “Normal” consumers! The customer who can buy a rolex, a porsche, an armani dress or a bulgari jewel does not ne.  To be solicit by pressing advertising, nor to be encourag.  To purchase by a discount or an unmissable promotion! 

The choices of some luxury brands

Linkin ads for storytelling . The main objective  of linkin ads is corporate storytelling, the telling. Of the history and brand identity, of the vision of the brand, of its . Values and of how precious and exclusive that brand is. In doing this the company must know how to make people desire . This preciousness, its lifestyle, transmitting strong emotions and creating dreams! The person who sees that promo on linkin will want to buy that product, not because it is sponsor . Or on sale, but to become part EC Lists of that exclusive story and that ideal! Often in the advertisements of luxury brands the product is not even seen! Formats available for linkin ads the campaign manager . Offers three formats: inmail messages : sponsor messages with 

Practical Advice for the 2019 European Elections

 Practical advice for the 2019 european elections european elections.  European elections 2019 how to organize a winning election campaign.  We have been involved in political marketing for some time, providing digital.  Marketing consultancy to various elected or candidate politicians. The experience in the field, the long work, most recently the one . Carried out for the 2019 regional elections, the competitors’ approach.  Convinced us to write an article on how to organize a winning . Electoral campaign for the 2019 european elections . Our intent is to give useful advice to future candidates, taken from our background.  To outline the fundamental steps to follow and the right mix to implement! 

May 2019 is near: plan ahead

A great lesson learned is that an.  Incisive, inclusive, strong and obviously winning campaign.  Cannot be just traditional or just digital. The right way is the complementarity . Between practices consolidated over time and more innovative . Tools such as web and social media marketing may 2019 is near: plan new database ahead.  The month of may is not that far away: there is still some time, but not too much. The first thing we learned, in fact, is time: an effective electoral campaign takes time! From now until the european elections, there are approximately three.  Months between us, a very short period, which immediately calls to arms.  To work hard and to gain as much time as possible! To prepare an electoral campaign well with ambition and seriousness,

Web marketing with website and blog

 It takes at least 6 months of full work! Doing everything in 30 days is useless! In such a short time you can make a last minute application, which serves no purpose except to fill a list! Unless you are new to the campaign and have high.  Expectations, because perhaps you are running to bring votes.  To a list, you will not be disappointed by a last second campaign! If you have other plans, don’t delay! 6 months in advance to create the conditions for your campaign.  Does starting the election campaign 6 EC Lists months early seem like too much? There are so many things to do and there is never enough time! To make you understand how important the time factor is.  I’ll give you a list of the preliminary activities to be carried out, which are quite a few: establish your 

The Digital Communication of Pas is More Monologue

 The digital communication of pas is more monologue than dialogue.  Digital communication, public bodies regions, provinces and ministries grappling with digital. We want to talk to you today about the digital communication of pas.  Focusing above all on social mia, because we are convinc that social mia . Are not yet well us, despite.  Being excellent tools for simplification in the relationship.  Between administrations, citizens and smes.  We had already talk about it months ago.  In another article about the digital communication. Of italian municipalities, highlighting how the language us on social.  Mia was too formal and bureaucratic. In many cases it was not possible to speak of a dialogue between the pa and citizens, but . Of a monologue, because the only voice on the facebook or twitter pages was that of the public 

Digital communication is two-way

Administration, which struggl to involve its interlocutors. To date, the situation has not chang much.  Broadening the discussion to various administrations, we have notic.  That pas are becoming increasingly digital, but still use communication.  Schemes that are too new data institutional. Digital communication is two-way we repeat it once again: digital communication.  Is and must be two-way! It is a dialogue between two or more people, in which all those involv participate and have an active role! Social mia, in fact, are conversations in which each user has . Their say and gives their contribution: listen, speak, comment, share! Nobody opens a social profile to talk to themselves: 

Social media formats for your communication

It wouldn’t make sense! A company, a brand, a public administration that creates a facebook page.  Instagram or a twitter account wants to communicate with. Its target and offer goods or services and must be clear that it is on the same level as its interlocutors. We ne to change the model of public communication if digital puts all interlocutors on the same.  Level and eliminates differences, it is necessary for all public.  Administrations to change their communication model. Public bodies.  Accustom EC Lists to a hierarchical position, have always us . Bureaucratic language in their documents, which is clear to those who.  Work there, but very difficult for citizens. Digital pushes for rapid change and “Forces” us to speak in a simpler way, because in social mia.  Dialogue is and must be colloquial, even when one of the interlocutors is a public body!


 Co-founder of kineo and anders pink. Read our blog ‘9 ideas for social meia videos’ to get some inspiration for your video campaigns! Empower teams to use social selling social meia is an effective way for brands and their sales team to connect with customers. This is particularly true for b2b companies that have longer sales cycles and rely on digital channels to provide useful and relevant information. But there’s a difference between posting content that pushes a sales message and using content to engage and create connections. Social transformation expert and author.

Julie atherton believes that’s what will drive success for businesses

Julie atherton believes that’s what will drive success for businesses in 2023. “i think there will be a clear demarcation between special data businesses that empower and support their teams to use social meia effectively in relationship-building and those who see social as another channel to push sales messaging through.” says atherton. “some organizations are fearful of giving control. Or allowing individuals to get their personality out there.” why choose dmi? An appetite for curate content while companies put a huge focus on creating original content. It can also be effective to share curate content. If the content is relevant. It can drive conversations and demonstrate that your company is intereste in solving an issue or sharing information rather than just selling.

That’s a mistake in today’s content-hungry society

if you’re reaching out with something informative and insightful. It doesn’t matter too much whether you’ve create EC Lists that content. I think (curate content) can be an efficient way to provide some learning and insight. And show that you’re a truste person who can add value. As a b2b strategy. It can be very powerful.” says walsh. Types of useful content you can share include: industry news third-party research press releases or announcements interviews (video and blogs) in-depth features podcasts 3. Content marketing trends the content marketing institute found that while 78 percent of marketers have a strategic approach to managing content. Only over half have a documente content strategy in place to reference. That’s a mistake in today’s content-hungry society. Use content to drive connections we know as marketers that content can be use at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel to provide information and solutions.

What are the Top Digital Marketing Trends

In this era of what they’re calling ‘recommende meia’. I believe this pushes brands even more to work with influencers and content creators.” says neal schaffer. Social meia leader. And author. The emergence of content creator funds on tiktok. Youtube. And twitch means there’s an incentive for creators to put time into creating content a brand could take advantage of. “30% of 18 to 24-year-olds and 40% of 25 to 34-year-olds consider themselves content creators ” hubspot’s 2022 state of consumer trends report 2. B2b marketing trends b2b marketing can be seen as boring or at least less exciting than its b2c counterparts. But that nee not be the case

As a b2b company. It’s important to be creative in your marketing

As a b2b company. It’s important to be creative in your marketing and use the channels and tools available latest database to be memorable. Video. Video. And more video as marketers. We all know the power of a great video campaign as a way to inform and connect. After all. 86 percent of businesses use video as a marketing tool. And 92 percent value it as an important part of their strategy (according to wyzowl research). The same research showe the variety of reasons businesses use video with the top being explainers followe by social meia videos and presentations. The top three channels companies use are youtube. Linkein and instagram. Purpose of videos create purpose of videos create for b2b companies.

Video can play an important role

Video can play an important role in the sales and marketing cycle. This is particularly true on linkein EC Lists as video has become more popular on the platform and offers a way to connect with and influence customers. “linkein has become a place where people can quickly create user-generate content. People do it to varying degrees of slickness. Your mileage will vary depending on your style and budget. But i think it’s adde a lot of personality to that platform. And it’s made content more shareable. (video) is a great way for you to act like a maven. Like a connector.”

Why include images in your digital marketing

one of the things that we’re gonna see from tiktok next year is the simplicity around business tools. They’ve already been making waves in improving the usability for businesses around their ads dashboard. I’ve been looking at some of the new targeting options they’ve launche for their ads. Which are brilliant.” says alison battisby. A social meia consultant with avocado social. Tiktok new ads manager targeting tiktok new ads manager targeting decentralizing social meia to create a ‘super app’ the changes at twitter have shone a lens on the vulnerability of social meia platforms.

 Customers are moving away from wanting to engage with billionaire-le platforms

 Customers are moving away from wanting to engage with billionaire-le platforms new database and instead have control over their content and data. Battisby thinks that “we are moving towards a nee for the decentralization of social networks. Some of the new and exciting platforms that we’re seeing include mastodon. Which is seeing a huge amount of downloads over the last couple of weeks. And it’s an interesting tool because it is built by the masses.” other apps are in the works like bluesky. Which is being develope by twitter’s ex-ceo. Jack dorsey. More an infrastructure than a platform. The company describes it as “a new foundation for social networking which gives creators independence from platforms. Developers the freeom to build. And users a choice in their experience.

Creator economy’ will grow

the ‘creator economy’ will grow and change as brand awareness becomes more of a focus on social meia (as oppose to pure lead generation). Marketers nee to find EC Lists creators that have a voice and fan base (small or otherwise). It can be a challenge for brands to create content that engages customers in a time-starve world. That’s where content creators come in and that doesn’t mean high-level influencers. It can mean employees. Customers. Or even subject matter experts in a niche area. “since covid we’ve seen a new social meia culture that focuses not on the number of followers. But on the content itself.

It is a content promotion website and offers

Harvard Business Review Recommende By: Josh Chang, Manager at HubSpot, Acquisition Analytics Why He Loves It: “I love this article because while everyone knows marketing analytics is important, it’s challenging to do marketing analytics right so that it has a significant impact on the overall business.

Many companies It is a content promotion suffer from having

too much data and not knowing what to do with it. But if you have the right data, systems, processes, and people in place, you can better ensure that marketing special data  analytics isn’t waste and has a tangible and positive impact.” 13. How Reesigning HubSpot’s Website Double Conversion Rates | HubSpot Recommende By: the HubSpot Website Blog Team Why They Love It: “‘Not another HubSpot plug,’ you might say, but this post is one of our best ones — we constantly refer to it to remind ourselves how small changes can create a lasting impact. You can see, process-by-process, how the new website came about.

Written in a case study format

special data

this article is a great primer for marketing teams EC Lists  everywhere on how and why they should consider a website reesign and what to take into consideration. While the post was publishe a few years ago, its relevance stays high.” 14. 4 Lessons We’ve Learne, Sometimes the Hard Way, About Inclusive Marketing | Think With Google Recommende By: Sammi Kim, Marketing Manager at HubSpot, HubSpot Research Why She Loves It: “Written by the SVP of Global Marketing at Google, this article speaks to the importance of inclusive marketing.


A wide variety of content to its readers.

The introduction is the exposition, the bulk of the post is the rising action, and the conclusion is the denouement. Seems pretty straightforward, right? But without establishing emotional stakes and placing your reader as the hero, you risk your messaging falling flat. We love this post because it’s like a condense version of Donald Miller’s Building a StoryBrand. Easy to refer to as we write posts.” 10. An Incomplete Guide to Inclusive.

Language for Startups A wide variety of  and Tech

Buffer Recommende By:Karla Cook, Team Senior Manager at HubSpot, All Blogs Why She Loves It: “This article is a must-read for anyone who creates content. It’s a reminder that the seemingly inconsequential choices we make about language on a daily basis actually hold a lot of power.Creating content with inclusive language in mind can seem tricky or even silly to some (especially when latest database  the word choices seem minor), but this article poses the question: why not just try?” 11. Why Be Everywhere is Bad Advice | Racheal Cook Recommende By:the HubSpot Sales Blog Team Why They Love It: “Being everywhere and being in front of everyone is very, very bad marketing and sales advice. We have no idea how this became such an

Accepte stance in the industry.

latest database

This blog post is a great guide for both marketers EC Lists and budding entrepreneurs on how to hone messaging so that it appeals to the one buyer who’ll actually buy, use, and appreciate your product. It’s especially useful to content writers, too. Our pieces don’t have to be everywhere. Simply in the right place at the right time. ” 12. Why Marketing Analytics Hasn’t Live Up to Its Promise


Ezinearticles is a popular place for marketing activities

Us that our blog, advertising, and website campaigns don’t exist in.  A vacuum that’s separate from societal injustices. In our team, we often begin with representation. But that’s only the precursor to more institutional and large-scale change within our organization. Marketing teams everywhere will benefit from saving and rereading this article.

 How to Become a  Ezinearticles is a popular Customer Acquisition Expert

Brian Balfour Recommende By: Christina Perricone, Content Marketing Manager at HubSpot, Pillar and Acquisition Why She Loves It: “Marketing has expande into  new database a field with countless designations — simply calling yourself a marketer is no longer a sufficient response to the question, ‘What do you do?’ Ezinearticles is a popular Balfour explains how to build yourself into an indispensable, T-shape marketer by layering your skills as you progress. This evergreen piece teaches us that marketers are experimenters,

Risk takers, and problem solvers

new database

proving that nearly anyone has the propensity to be successful in this field if they have the patience to build and stick to a plan. It’s a gem for any marketer who is EC Lists  struggling to determine their path.” 9. 7 Ancient Archetypes Your Brand Storytelling Should Use | Content Marketing Institute Recommende By:the HubSpot Blog Team Why They Love It: “Writing a blog post is like writing a short story.