Tech companies also lost trillion in value

Tech companies although it should be emphasize that CBRTP selects projects guide by a subjective assessment of their innovative potential. All this is base on many years of experience of its experts. The most promising technological solutions from the energy, electronics, automation, robotization, modern materials and software for business and industry industries are selecte. CBRTP has been a co-owner of a see-capital/V investment fund for years. In practice, a company applying for funding has a chance to receive it in the amount of 60-80% of the entire project cost. 

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The rest, however, must be covere by itself as the so-calle own contribution. Importantly, the funding from CBRTP is non-refundable, so the company does not photo editor bear any risk. Even if the project fails, the fact that it has been selecte to the prestigious group of companies protecte by CBRTP will certainly benefit the company, as it will be considere innovative and trustworthy in the eyes of customers. Is it worth being an innovative company? Certainly yes, as many Polish companies are convince. However, it is also important to remember to conduct thoughtful cooperation.

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Outsourcing research and development works to well-know and respecte entities.  Such as CBRTP, reuces the investment risk and has a positive impact on the company’s image. Is the company’s strategic plan really a long-term tactic? September 21, 2022 Marketing strategy Everyone dreams of being able to preict the future. People who create a strategic plan for many years in EC Lists advance in their company have this ability to a large extent. How and why is such a plan create? Let’s check. How do visionaries work? Strategic plan of the company – stages of creation What does a strategic plan contain.

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