Succession of family businesses and the challenge in the Sales area

After discussions on Demand Generation and Management and Strategy , the third day of Inside Sale Week 2022 brought debates on Prospecting and Pre-sales. Once again, the day’s keynotes were led by Daniel Baunds of the Inside Sales Academy. The event had guests such as Paulo Krieser, CEO of Econodata, Denis Tassitano, managing director of SAP, Felipe Spina, co-founder and CEO of Maestro ABM, and Marylou Tyler, founder of Strategic Pipeline,. The third day of the event also brought Marcondes Farias, sales director for Microsoft Brazil, Bruno Beneduzzi, sales director for CIAL and Guilherme Barcellos, account manager coordinator for Take Blip. See in this article the main highlights of the day! Prospecting with gamification The opening lecture of the day focused on “Call Blitz: Prospecting with Gamification generating Results”, with the managing director of SAP, Denis Tassitano.

The expert highlighted the importance of creativity

To create call blitzes a term linked to sales gamification that refers to a highly focused period of calls involving the team. Initially, he highlighted the need to set up a kind of production line before starting a call blitz. Denis indicates defining roles for each of the professionals involved in the process, in addition to making lists and profiling to map accounts and Manufacturing Directors Email Lists  identify customer pain points. With this, it is possible to have a kind of “Excel chat”, as he defines it, having data that will help in the initiative. “This whole process is done before entering the call blitz, because when you enter the call blitz, you don’t waste time”, he explains. At this point, SAP’s managing director recommends that from the SDR to the president make calls. “Of course the president will make more accurate contacts. You have to call. It doesn’t have to be Batman’s phone, the one that only receives”, he compares.



Question Then  is how to find the balance

Between making a successful succession and keeping the company’s heart beating: the sales machine! This is where many companies get lost! Specialized Consulting in Productivity Increase DNA de s is a consultancy specializing in increasing Sales productivity that supports the succession of companies, strengthening and specializing the successor EC Lists in the areas of Sales and Marketing. But why rely on a consultancy in this process? What we have seen in dozens of our clients, here at DNA, is that the great challenge is to find a successor who knows all areas of the company, thead the commercial area. Therefore, with our consultancy working in the commercial area of ​​your company, it is easier to plan the succession process, generating a success story and growth in your business! Free Ebook: Everything You Need to Know about Family Succession: The Sales Challenge.

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