Check out the highlights of the fourth day of the event

The fourth day of Inside Sales Week 2022 brought several insights into Remote Sales. The day’s lectures were once again led by Daniel Baunds, from Inside Sales Academy. The discussions had the participation of big names, such as the business consultant José Carlos F. Pereira, the CRO & Partner of Moskit Eduardo Rodrigues and the Founder of Plural Sales, Nara Vaz Guimarães. Other guests of the day were the Head of Sales at Ploomes, Octavio Garbi, the consulting partner of DNA de Vendas, Rogério Silva, the Head of Sales of Solutions in Latin America on LinkedIn, Sandro Carsava, and the Founder & Chairman of AA-ISP , Bob Perkins. Check out the main points covered on the day below! Neurobiology of Sales The first lecture of the day explored the theme “The neurobiology of sales – chemistry in action”, with business consultant José Carlos F. Pereira.

In the chat he explained which factors usually

Move buyers on the buying journey and how neurotransmitters can work in sales processes . He explained that neurotransmitters are chemicals that stimulate our neurons in order to make decisions. In this sense, the expert mentions that some of them can be called “neurotransmitters for sales”, such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Dopamine R&D Directors Email Lists has a functional benefit, related to what the product provides. Serotonin, on the other hand, has an emotional bias, focused on the relationships we have with others. Then, oxytocin is linked to the value generated for society. José Carlos F. Pereira also pointed out that the relationship of trust at the time of purchase is probably the most important factor. “Trust can be built, but it is much more earned than built. It is a set of situations that are not visible ”, he defined. In this perspective, he highlighted the need to develop trust based on information and also on the lack of it.


In addition to pointing out that trust is simultaneously

Emotional and rational. The specialist also said that one of the main mistakes made by sellers is to start selling early, without considering the level of maturity of the client. “There are moments that are for sale and others that are not. This precipitation leads us to not having results”, he warns. Therefore, the most appropriate moment to start the sale is when EC Lists trust is already established, according to the business consultant. Finally, José Carlos F. Pereira also answered a question about the difficulty of receiving negative feedback from customers and how to face this challenge. At this point, he said, generally speaking, people say “no” to what was presented to them, not directly to the salesperson themselves. Never consider that the ‘no’ is directed at you. Eduardo designed a manual with steps to optimize processes, from the funnel stages to qualification and traction. First, he believes that the sales funnel would actually be the opposite, and that a kind of “engine” is needed to make it work.

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