Sales Objections What They Are and How to Overcome Them

Who never started a sale or arrived in the middle of the process, or even in the final stretch of closing a contract, and came across a barrier placed by the customer, preventing the conclusion of the deal? These obstacles presented by consumers during the purchase of a product or service are called sales objections and can occur for several reasons: doubt, cost, lack of interest and, mainly, lack of information about its solution or brand, among others. It should be noted that objections can occur at the beginning, middle or end of a commercial process . Despite being common in sales processes, there are techniques and strategies capable of circumventing a situation where the sale could be lost.

To begin with you need to understand consumer behavior

what is the threshold that makes your lead decide or give up on a purchase? What factors are involved in this process? Reasons that most lead B2B customers to give up or decide to purchase A survey carried out by Merkle Loyalty Solution, with North American companies on factors that impact B2B sales, showed the main reasons that lead customers to Media Directors Email Lists decline a purchase. The report presented the following results: 65% said B2B marketers and salespeople are much more concerned with selling than listening to their audience’s needs; 31% responded that marketing and sales professionals do not understand their needs or their company (32%). In Part 2 of Merkle’s report, research indicated that other factors played a role in shopper loyalty: 77% said reliability keeps them.


That is most of the time the objection arises

Because you did not understand the customer’s needs in depth and presented a proposal that does not match this reality. This is the first step. In addition, knowing the customer’s needs, it is possible to map all the possible objections that will arise along the way and study them. After all, you will only know how to get around them if you are prepared in EC Lists advance! Know the most used sales objections and the best techniques to get around them A company with a well-structured commercial team, based on the 4 pillars of sales productivity (processes, management, technology and people), has everything to be successful in business. However, if special attention is not paid to the quality of the team, with adequate training so that professionals know how to deal with the different customer profiles and the difficulties posed by them, some contracts may be lost.

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