Google Analytics Have you already migrated your site?

Recently, Google announced the migration of Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4. Although this subject has already been reflected since 2019, when the company announced some changes in this data analysis tool, the migration became real for many companies only in the US. last few months, even more so because users have until July 1, 2023 to complete the migration to Google Analytics 4 – from that date, Universal’s default properties will stop processing new hits. But, after all, what is this Google Analytics 4 and why is it important that your website has the updated version of this tool? We have prepared content that explains the main points on the subject.

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Understand Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics Universal was the first and most popular web analytics service available to users all over the world. As a result of its popularity, Google has developed Google Analytics 4, bringing improvements and new features to meet users’ needs. Also called GA4, this tool is the new web analysis service that allows users VP Administration Email Lists to monitor the behavior of visitors to their websites, improving their Marketing strategies . Importantly, Google provides a number of features on this platform, including the ability to collect data from multiple sources, making the information more comprehensive and accurate. Additionally, users can track campaign performance, segment users by location and interests, analyze page performance, and understand how users interact with the site.


What are the benefits of Google Analytics 4

All Google Analytics users should migrate the version on their websites to GA 4, as it will become mandatory soon and offers more features and functionality. Not to mention, Google Analytics 4 is also more flexible, allowing you to create reports and analyze data more effectively. How about knowing the main advantages of GA4 ? It offers prediction models to help users predict future visitor behavior and better understand their journey. G4 enables EC Lists real-time analytics so users can see their audience’s behavior at the moment of action. The new version has the ability to integrate Google Ads with Google Analytics in order to generate deeper insights and improve campaign performance. Another advantage is offering an improved user experience , with easier-to-use tools and new features. The updated tool makes it possible to create customized reports to optimize the understanding of user behavior.

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