Use the BNDES card to hire Docpix services!

If you are in need of Marketing services to leverage your company or want to contract the development of a website or a system to further modernize your brand, we have the solution! And you know what’s the best? You can hire our services through the BNDES card ! This means much more ease and benefits for your company. What is the BNDES card? The BNDES card is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who need financing for their business . Since 2014, the BNDES has provided credit lines to small and medium-sized companies for the purchase of goods and services .

And anyone who thinks that this card can

Only be used to finance the acquisition of products such as machinery and equipment is wrong, since it is also an alternative for contracting various services, such as Marketing and Web Development . In this way, your company can easily contract our services, having access to a security guarantee and an advantageous interest rate . The BNDES Card is VP HR Email Lists aimed at micro, small and medium-sized companies . To access the card, the company must be registered in the BNDES Sustainable Development Financing Program (Prodecon). In addition, the entrepreneur must meet the program’s prerequisites , which include: having annual revenues of up to R$300 million, not being a publicly traded company, having a good payment history and not being in default with the BNDES.


It should also be noted that the card is issued

By financial institutions accredited by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, through partner credit card brands . Currently, the main issuing banks of the BNDES Card are Banco do  Banco Nacional de  e Social (BNDES) and Santander. What are the advantages of the BNDES card? One of the main advantages of the BNDES card is the fact that the financing is granted without bureaucracy , which makes the process EC Lists simpler. The card also offers the possibility of making payments in up to 48 months, with different interest rates, according to the customer’s profile. This allows you to better manage your cash flow and access cheaper resources . Therefore, the BNDES card is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who need financing for their business.

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