what you need to know about this trend

Influencer Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses influential people on social media to promote brands, products or services. The objective of this strategy is to take advantage of these people’s confidence and power of persuasion to increase brand visibility, win new customers and retain existing ones . After all, if someone you admire and follow recommends a product, you’re more likely to be motivated to try it, right? But how does Influencer Marketing work in practice? In short, we can say that brands usually get in touch with influencers who have a target audience similar to the one the company wants to reach. Next, the value of the partnership is negotiated and how the product or service will be publicized.

Choosing the ideal influencer for the campaign

Includes assessing the audience it reaches, the engagement it generates in its posts, its trust, among other factors. It is important that there is harmony between the brand and the influencer , so that the transmitted message is coherent and autonomous. After choosing the influencer, the next step is to define the content strategy to be developed , which can Chief and VP of Training Email Lists  range from sponsored posts on the influencer’s profile to the development of exclusive content for the campaign, such as videos, photos or texts. The fundamental thing is that the content is creative, relevant and capable of generating interest in the target audience, and that this disclosure is subtle and natural, so that the audience does not realize that it is an advertisement.



Why invest in Influencer Marketing One of the great advantages

Of Influencer Marketing is the possibility of reaching highly segmented audiences . This means that the campaign message can be directed to people who are really interested in the product or service being offered. In addition, Influencer Marketing is a form of advertising that is based on relationships, that is, the brand can build a closer and lasting EC Lists relationship with its customers. But you have to be careful! Partnerships between brands and influencers must be transparent and ethical , so that the public does not feel cheated. This is why the disclosure of sponsored posts must always be identified as such, through hashtags such as #published,ad or sponsored. In summary, influencer marketing is a strategy that has been increasingly used by companies to reach a specific audience more efficiently and naturally.

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