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┬áBut the watchword is engagement. They are not there looking for products, they are relaxing and wanting to know what’s new from the people they know. 7.2. What is the objective: Can promoting your company on social mia work? Maybe yes. But there are caveats. First of all, it is necessary to separate two common contexts: advertise on social networks; disseminate content on social networks. Advertising on social networks, in our opinion, is the same logic as sponsor links. You are targeting, creating ads and chasing conversions. Of course, this approach is closer to interruption marketing (unlike Google, where the person says what they want), but in practice your company is advertising , paying per click.

They will listen to you if you focus more on relationships

Content dissemination is different. What will be attempt here is to produce material that wins people over, that generates engagement. And as they are in an entertainment context, there is no point saying that your product is wonderful or that it is on sale. They will listen to you if you focus more on relationships and try to discuss their pain. Still, the result your company will achieve if it connects with the user is a like, a share or a comment. In other words, engagement new data metrics. So, for most companies, investment in social networks is the opposite of that in sponsor links. You won’t bring visits and leads: you will bring engagement and brand return.

These are organizations whose product is very

But it can bring brand results. So, if your segment is relat to entertainment and/or products with a short sales cycle, it is possible to invest in social networks to generate sales. But if that’s not your case, getting on social mia will probably bring a return in engagement and branding, and your company will ne the other actions describ here (performance-orient) to bring in sales. 7.4. How to measure the result: Like other digital tools, social networks typically offer a lot of data that EC Lists can be monitor: likes; comments; shares; engagement; relevance; among others. The point is, as we are talking about intangible aspects, each company nes to establish its priority and how to measure it.

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