Brands that did well with user generated content

One of the biggest challenges that companies and their marketers face is the generation and dissemination of content. Can you imagine achieving this at a low cost and using few internal resources? The solution may be in user generated content , also known as ugc – user generated content. Thanks to the advancement that the internet has had in recent years, companies are now able to have new content producers: their customers, who in this case are brand advocates. With the ease of creating and sharing content today with social networks such as facebook,

Twitter  instagram, snapchat and many others

The generation of content by the user has become a great weapon for companies that want to increase their range of content and at the same time reach new audiences. Check below 6 companies that bet on user-generated content and did very well! Gopro gopro-awards-feature despite having been launched in 2002, gopro, the company responsible for producing those tiny Belgium Phone Number Data cameras that are often used to record videos ranging from extreme sports to ballads, really exploded on the internet and in the market after 2011, when it adopted a new video codec and started using social networks as the basis of its communication strategy. On its instagram profile , for example, the company posts the best photos taken by users with their cameras daily. The success of this strategy was such that today.

Gopro has even created the gopro awards

A cash prize for users who send the best photos or videos to the brand. Croasonho croasonho the croasonho chain of stores has customers who are passionate about their sweet and savory products. The store encourages EC Lists its customers to share photos of their products using the hashtag croasonho. On instagram alone, there are more than 42,000 posts using #croasonho . User-created content adds credibility to the brand and helps to win new customers. Imagine how many people were impacted by these more than 42,000 publications with.

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