Why include images in your digital marketing

one of the things that we’re gonna see from tiktok next year is the simplicity around business tools. They’ve already been making waves in improving the usability for businesses around their ads dashboard. I’ve been looking at some of the new targeting options they’ve launche for their ads. Which are brilliant.” says alison battisby. A social meia consultant with avocado social. Tiktok new ads manager targeting tiktok new ads manager targeting decentralizing social meia to create a ‘super app’ the changes at twitter have shone a lens on the vulnerability of social meia platforms.

 Customers are moving away from wanting to engage with billionaire-le platforms

 Customers are moving away from wanting to engage with billionaire-le platforms new database and instead have control over their content and data. Battisby thinks that “we are moving towards a nee for the decentralization of social networks. Some of the new and exciting platforms that we’re seeing include mastodon. Which is seeing a huge amount of downloads over the last couple of weeks. And it’s an interesting tool because it is built by the masses.” other apps are in the works like bluesky. Which is being develope by twitter’s ex-ceo. Jack dorsey. More an infrastructure than a platform. The company describes it as “a new foundation for social networking which gives creators independence from platforms. Developers the freeom to build. And users a choice in their experience.

Creator economy’ will grow

the ‘creator economy’ will grow and change as brand awareness becomes more of a focus on social meia (as oppose to pure lead generation). Marketers nee to find EC Lists creators that have a voice and fan base (small or otherwise). It can be a challenge for brands to create content that engages customers in a time-starve world. That’s where content creators come in and that doesn’t mean high-level influencers. It can mean employees. Customers. Or even subject matter experts in a niche area. “since covid we’ve seen a new social meia culture that focuses not on the number of followers. But on the content itself.

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