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Filmora has a large library of templates effects transitions and filters that give short-form content a creative ge. Unlike most other apps on this list Filmora lets you browse all of these elements before you start creating so you can get inspiration and plan content more effectively. Although you cant film content directly with Filmora you can upload clips to it in the app. Compar to other apps Filmoras iting capabilities are much more advanc. For example you can split clips into several pieces it within clips repeat clips multiple times and

Replace cuts with

One tap. Attention Agency Owners Brand Marketers and Consultants Marketing Agency Show Introducing the Marketing Agency Show–our newest podcast design to explore the struggles of agency marketers. Join show host and agency business database owner Brooke Sellas as she interviews agency marketers and digs deep into their biggest challenges. Explore topics like navigating rough economic times leveraging AI service diversification client acquisition and much more. Just pull up your favorite podcast app search for Marketing Agency Show

And start listening

Express-beta-version-instagram-reel-1 The apps suite of tools goes way beyond basic video iting. For example you can use Adobe Express to add masks and animations apply color palettes and use dynamic EC Lists layouts to improve text design. video-iting-apps-short-form-content-adobe-express-beta-version-text-2 Adobe Express is also helpful for quick its to existing content. I use these AI tools frequently to trim clips resize them for various social mia channels and merge them before uploading to Instagram or YouTube.

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