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Android and iOS apps Cost Free plan includes access to most tools. Paid plans start at $12.99 per month for premium assets and one-click resizing. #4 CapCut When you want to create content that the TikTok Instagram or YouTube algorithm is likely to favor CapCut is a good choice. The app has a vast library of templates optimiz for TikTok Reels and trending categories. Each template displays usage metrics so you can quickly find popular options. video-iting-apps-short-form-content-mobile-app-capcut-template-features-summer-for-tiktok-9 Whether you start with a template or build from scratch CapCut has some of the best

Video and audio

Iting features. For example you can it playback spes for each individual clip apply transitions and effects between clips and add video and body effects. video-iting-apps-short-form-content-mobile-app-capcut-trending-apply-to-all-transition-invert-mask-10 With CapCuts business lead AI writer you can produce entire scripts in seconds. Tap to turn the script into captions and the app automatically applies them to video frames. You can use the batch it tool to adjust formatting in bulk. video-iting-apps-short-form-content-mobile-app-capcut-

Tools to record

Writer-beta-text-select-subtitles-11 If you link your TikTok account to CapCut you can add original sounds directly. But EC Lists even if youre creating content for other social mia channels you can still use the apps audio iting sound adjust effects and check for copyright. Use Case Create short-form videos faster with text-to-speech tools automat subtitles templates and a background remover. OS Web browser Windows and macOS app and Android and iOS apps Cost Free plan includes access to all tools. #5 Filmora Design for creators

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