Market intelligence strategies to sell more

Monitor the market, gather relevant data, analyze and use this information strategically to sell more and expand your company’s competitive advantage and growth. This is market intelligence (IM), one of the most important concepts for anyone who wants to innovate and stay ahead of the competition. This strategy, in action, efficiently, together with marketing and sales , provides the commercial sector with the expected direction for the preparation and implementation of a plan that best meets the goals and objectives of the business. In the corporate universe, there is no way to maintain and stand out in the market without knowing your competitors well. Benchmarking is essential for anyone who wants to grow and show up . But the question is: how to apply market intelligence in sales efficiently? What to do with the information gathered to

Create good business opportunities and gain an

Advantage over the competition? In this article, in addition to answering these and other questions, we will explain what market intelligence in sales is , how this technique works and what are the main steps for your company to apply IM and for you to sell more. What is market intelligence ? Market intelligence is the collection and gathering of Australia Accountant Email Lists  important data and information about the market in which it operates, competitors, the public and all the variables that involve the company, which will serve as the basis for marketing and sales actions, with the aim of achieving the objectives company commercials. The qualified analysis of this data helps, in a strategic way, in guiding the decision-making processes. This is a continuous process, consisting of the following actions: Daily market monitoring.


Capturing and collecting relevant data about the segment

In which your company operates; Analysis of the collected information; Application of the researched information, intelligently and aligned with the profile of the business and its public. All of this is done in conjunction with the marketing and sales departments , so that the data collected on: Sales and consumption trends; Market behavior; Products and services, for comparison purposes; Praticated prices; Customers’ opinion; Sale templates. And EC Lists how to get such data? Investing in human and technological resources. It’s no use concentrating efforts on one solution and forgetting the other, as they complement each other. Therefore: Train your team so that it is aligned with the company’s objectives and able to use the tools that will be made available; Provide systems and software capable of capturing information relevant to your operations and conducting market research. In addition, the support of companies specialized in this process is essential, so that the application of market intelligence in sales is really efficient. Importance of market intelligence applied in B2B sales The market is.

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