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The chat function provided by Bing AI search is equipped with ChatGPT, but it also searches the latest web documents and provides evidence data. You can have confidence in the answer because the web document that is the basis is indicated as the source.

These complements sufficiently compensate for the disadvantages that ChatGPT continues to provide false facts with learned information prior to June 2021.

Bing AI Chat Answer – Suggests the next question

We prepared a “new product launch preparation scenario” using Antigua and Barbuda Email lists Bing AI search. Which searches the latest web documents and provides evidence data. In addition, we compared how different ChatGPT and answer contents were for each question.
In order to become a marketer who makes good use of AI features, I think that work productivity will increase significantly if you identify the pros and cons of ChatGPT and Bing AI search and use them well.

However, the chat provided by Bing AI search can only ask 8 questions in a row. You need to choose your eight questions well to keep the conversation going in context. In order to compensate for this limitation, it suggests the next question during the chatting process, just as a search engine suggests other related search terms. You can easily carry on a conversation by choosing from those questions.

Bing AI Chat Answer – Taiwanese Sandwich Market Analysis

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Think of yourself as a marketing manager for a company that sells Taiwanese sandwiches in Korea, and figure out how many Taiwanese sandwiches like Hongruijian are sold in the Korean market and what competitors exist, and organize them neatly in a table.

The Bing AI chat neatly summarized the time of entry into Korea for each Taiwanese sandwich brand. The actual sales volume, the source of the webpage that served as the basis. And the types of companies among Korean competitors. Very satisfied.

It seems that ChatGPT did not understand well when asked to organize it in a table. It’s an important analysis of market trends, but I don’t know what data the answer is based on. “Are you gradually gaining popularity?” It would be difficult to use it. As a market research report if it was analyzed using such ambiguous words.

What are the pros and cons of Taiwanese sandwiches?
We have accurately summarized the pros and cons arising. From the characteristics of the materials used. Very satisfied.


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