External seller what does this sales professional do?


Face-to-face negotiations, presentations and constant presence in meetings are the main activities carried out by the external salesperson. In addition to these, more practical, this professional is responsible for assisting in the sales strategy, monitoring deliveries, preparing commercial proposals and even doing after-sales, in some cases. Therefore, it is important that this professional be assertive in his approach and have great knowledge of sales techniques and persuasion triggers. In addition to some behavioral skills , there are at least five essential characteristics that every good outside salesperson needs to have in order to perform their activities efficiently and, consequently, sell more and more . If you want to implement external sales in your business or know what it takes to hire a good external salesperson, we’ll tell you everything in this article.

What does an outside salesperson do

The external salesperson provides customer service, but in person, outside the company. Being constantly on the move, the external salesperson is a highly sought-after professional by commercial representation companies that also need to expand their client portfolio in times PR Directors Email Lists of expansion. Objectively, the external seller is the employee responsible for: perform face-to-face service participate and conduct all negotiation procedures prepare commercial proposals Prospect new customers and finalize sales The external sales professional needs to be always looking for information about market trends , products and services with which he works, in addition to keeping up to date on sales techniques, persuasion and other skills that are necessary to execute a good sale. What are the duties of an external salesperson? A good outside salesperson is not just about presenting products, following up on the sales stages and getting to closing.


Presentation of solutions The sales professional

Must know the product and/or services he sells in great detail, so that he is able to prepare presentations that highlight the solutions and advantages of each product/service. Elaboration of commercial proposals Each potential client will have specific needs and, therefore, the sales professional, in addition to knowing his products/services well, must analyze the reality of each client in order to be able to prepare personalized commercial proposals, aiming to solve the pains that were raised at the EC Lists moment. of analysis. Follow-up of deliveries Depending on the type of product, the external seller must also monitor the order delivery process for all the customers it serves. It’s no use doing efficient prospecting, being able to sell more , but ending up having all the work hampered because of failures in delivery.

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