Practical Advice for the 2019 European Elections

 Practical advice for the 2019 european elections european elections.  European elections 2019 how to organize a winning election campaign.  We have been involved in political marketing for some time, providing digital.  Marketing consultancy to various elected or candidate politicians. The experience in the field, the long work, most recently the one . Carried out for the 2019 regional elections, the competitors’ approach.  Convinced us to write an article on how to organize a winning . Electoral campaign for the 2019 european elections . Our intent is to give useful advice to future candidates, taken from our background.  To outline the fundamental steps to follow and the right mix to implement! 

May 2019 is near: plan ahead

A great lesson learned is that an.  Incisive, inclusive, strong and obviously winning campaign.  Cannot be just traditional or just digital. The right way is the complementarity . Between practices consolidated over time and more innovative . Tools such as web and social media marketing may 2019 is near: plan new database ahead.  The month of may is not that far away: there is still some time, but not too much. The first thing we learned, in fact, is time: an effective electoral campaign takes time! From now until the european elections, there are approximately three.  Months between us, a very short period, which immediately calls to arms.  To work hard and to gain as much time as possible! To prepare an electoral campaign well with ambition and seriousness,

Web marketing with website and blog

 It takes at least 6 months of full work! Doing everything in 30 days is useless! In such a short time you can make a last minute application, which serves no purpose except to fill a list! Unless you are new to the campaign and have high.  Expectations, because perhaps you are running to bring votes.  To a list, you will not be disappointed by a last second campaign! If you have other plans, don’t delay! 6 months in advance to create the conditions for your campaign.  Does starting the election campaign 6 EC Lists months early seem like too much? There are so many things to do and there is never enough time! To make you understand how important the time factor is.  I’ll give you a list of the preliminary activities to be carried out, which are quite a few: establish your 

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