The Digital Communication of Pas is More Monologue

 The digital communication of pas is more monologue than dialogue.  Digital communication, public bodies regions, provinces and ministries grappling with digital. We want to talk to you today about the digital communication of pas.  Focusing above all on social mia, because we are convinc that social mia . Are not yet well us, despite.  Being excellent tools for simplification in the relationship.  Between administrations, citizens and smes.  We had already talk about it months ago.  In another article about the digital communication. Of italian municipalities, highlighting how the language us on social.  Mia was too formal and bureaucratic. In many cases it was not possible to speak of a dialogue between the pa and citizens, but . Of a monologue, because the only voice on the facebook or twitter pages was that of the public 

Digital communication is two-way

Administration, which struggl to involve its interlocutors. To date, the situation has not chang much.  Broadening the discussion to various administrations, we have notic.  That pas are becoming increasingly digital, but still use communication.  Schemes that are too new data institutional. Digital communication is two-way we repeat it once again: digital communication.  Is and must be two-way! It is a dialogue between two or more people, in which all those involv participate and have an active role! Social mia, in fact, are conversations in which each user has . Their say and gives their contribution: listen, speak, comment, share! Nobody opens a social profile to talk to themselves: 

Social media formats for your communication

It wouldn’t make sense! A company, a brand, a public administration that creates a facebook page.  Instagram or a twitter account wants to communicate with. Its target and offer goods or services and must be clear that it is on the same level as its interlocutors. We ne to change the model of public communication if digital puts all interlocutors on the same.  Level and eliminates differences, it is necessary for all public.  Administrations to change their communication model. Public bodies.  Accustom EC Lists to a hierarchical position, have always us . Bureaucratic language in their documents, which is clear to those who.  Work there, but very difficult for citizens. Digital pushes for rapid change and “Forces” us to speak in a simpler way, because in social mia.  Dialogue is and must be colloquial, even when one of the interlocutors is a public body!

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