Co-founder of kineo and anders pink. Read our blog ‘9 ideas for social meia videos’ to get some inspiration for your video campaigns! Empower teams to use social selling social meia is an effective way for brands and their sales team to connect with customers. This is particularly true for b2b companies that have longer sales cycles and rely on digital channels to provide useful and relevant information. But there’s a difference between posting content that pushes a sales message and using content to engage and create connections. Social transformation expert and author.

Julie atherton believes that’s what will drive success for businesses

Julie atherton believes that’s what will drive success for businesses in 2023. “i think there will be a clear demarcation between special data businesses that empower and support their teams to use social meia effectively in relationship-building and those who see social as another channel to push sales messaging through.” says atherton. “some organizations are fearful of giving control. Or allowing individuals to get their personality out there.” why choose dmi? An appetite for curate content while companies put a huge focus on creating original content. It can also be effective to share curate content. If the content is relevant. It can drive conversations and demonstrate that your company is intereste in solving an issue or sharing information rather than just selling.

That’s a mistake in today’s content-hungry society

if you’re reaching out with something informative and insightful. It doesn’t matter too much whether you’ve create EC Lists that content. I think (curate content) can be an efficient way to provide some learning and insight. And show that you’re a truste person who can add value. As a b2b strategy. It can be very powerful.” says walsh. Types of useful content you can share include: industry news third-party research press releases or announcements interviews (video and blogs) in-depth features podcasts 3. Content marketing trends the content marketing institute found that while 78 percent of marketers have a strategic approach to managing content. Only over half have a documente content strategy in place to reference. That’s a mistake in today’s content-hungry society. Use content to drive connections we know as marketers that content can be use at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel to provide information and solutions.

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