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Play-plan-2 play plan play set and all the connections develop during the crowdfunding will certainly be us! True, I personally am not ready to work further in the same mode of a crazy marathon. Should small and micro businesses bet on content marketing? For what? And how to understand what is necessary (or not necessary)? Any business should bet on Marketing. This is for starters. And if it turns out that marketing goals are achiev through content – cheers, we got a positive response. There are no universal pills. And it would be nice to have a plan. Maybe micro-businesses can just make do with blogging? Lead instagram and pump smm? Maybe. All in all, it’s worth reading. Not fast track business literature, just good books. And not necessarily something fresh and popular.

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Url-contains – specifies part of the address. Regular exp Here are a few a video (all factors, of course, are known only to youtube itself): average time spent watching a video (not in absolute terms, but as a percentage). Adding mia files from a post wordpress also has the ability to create an image gallery. To do this, in the “Add mia file” menu, go to the “Create gallery” tab, mark the necessary images with checkboxes, and they will automatically appear on the site page. How to create a gallery using these methods, you can upload all types of mia files: images, video and audio files, documents.

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The server of your site, they do not take up much space. It is more convenient to place video and audio files on third-party sites (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, yandex.Disk, etc.), since they create an additional load on the server, which leads to unjustifi hosting costs and an increase in the loading time of the site pages. This text will be EC Lists display right below the image on the site page and may contain additional information useful to the reader. For example, “How to find all mia files in the wordpress console”. Alt must be fill in, we have already written about it. It may be the same as title or slightly different.

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