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These are planning problems: it was necessary to take into account holidays, purchasing power, seasonality. During the month of the project’s work, we only “Swing” and check the effectiveness of the channels. It was necessary to run 60 days. It was necessary to lay down an advertising budget of 50 thousand. And we had only 5 – and then according to the residual principle. We thought: “we collect money. What is the point of spending n on advertising to get n less later? But in fact, everything is arrang as always: you invest n, you get n + m. Or you get nothing. But if you do not invest n, then you are guarante to get nothing. It was necessary to thoroughly research the activity of the target audience in advance in order to make all publications at the right time.

Arrange in advance with video bloggers

Perhaps this is what would give cool results. And, of course, instagrams. If we could find in advance those who would agree to tell about us. With a really big audience. How did the boomstarter campaign go? We did this: sent kits for review to bloggers (10 kits); plac information with information partners (about 20 companies); I personally wrote to my friends asking for a repost (about 60 people); sent press releases to free sites (3 press releases to 17 sites); wrote an exclusive article on the site of a popular teacher; post information with bloggers for a fee; took part in a charity ball.

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held a joint charity event with the foundation in

An orphanage; regularly made publications in their social networks and on the website; here are some blogger reviews: on livejournal on the mom’s blog and another one on livejournal what are your plans now? Now we’re on horseback. We will EC Lists finally sell our kits ourselves, without any crowdfunding. and we will take up the portal-catalog of games with all seriousness, because it still nes to be fill, there is still only a micro part of what we have plann.

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