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The image can work as a link to any other page. Then we fill in the “Link” field, including the desir url in it.If the domain name is register to you and the blog is just host on this site, then there. Should be no problems, you can register such a blog site as a mia. If you have post video content on youtube, then you should know that youtube channel cannot be register as a network mia, since it is not an independent site. If there is a strong ne to acquire mia status, then other types of mia can be chosen for registration, such as a video program or a news agency. What if you produce videos under a permanent title (for example, about a healthy lifestyle) and broadcast them on the site.

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Supreme court, which gave an interpretation to the mass mia law, any content of a site on. The internet is not a product of the mia. Law thus, the registration of the video program, as well as the site as a whole as a network mia, is not mandatory. Roskomnadzor is not requir to take such preventive actions with respect to non-mia sites. Additional Pakistan Phone Number List responsibility in fact, all violations that are prohibit for mia sites should also not be allow on other sites on the internet. Article 4 of the mass mia law, which applies only to the mia, provides for the possibility of a mia  abuse of freom of the mia within a year.

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Also be kept confidential. Also, after registration, you will ne to indicate the output data of the mia on the site. Advertising in the mia the law “On advertising” contains general requirements that apply to advertising both for mia sites and for all other sites. SSH, Secure Shell is an encrypt network transmission protocol that can provide EC Lists a secure. Transmission environment for network services in an insecure network. SSH realizes the connection between the SSH client and the server by creating a secure tunnel in the network.

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