World-famous trademarks although it is possible

The word itself, it would seem, refers to gold and jewelry, but well-read people, especially representatives of the older generation, immiately understand that the meaning behind it is completely different: gold miners us to be call sewers, who at night take out the so-call “night gold” – this can be read in the dictionary of v. Dahl. Conclusion: with many words you ne to be more careful and check everything. You will still come up with a new name, but then it will be much more difficult to work with a reputation. Hoping for “Maybe” and soft legislation often we do not think that some of our actions are illegal.

When choosing the name of an existing brand

For your company, you are fully responsible for the consequences of this choice. Ignorance of patent law does not exempt from this responsibility at all – as with any other laws. Your name should not repeat the names of other companies already existing in the same market . One “Fortuna” can work in the tourism market, the other – in the auto parts market, but Latvia Phone Number List they should not be competitors, as this can mislead the consumer and give the analogue company an undeserv advantage. It is thanks to this that parasitic brands (a la abibas) live. Such trademarks cannot be register, because they will be confusingly similar to already to work with them without registration.

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The Russian deration has different

Requirements for corporate names of legal entities (the official term us when registering companies in the tax office) and for verbal trademarks (a term us in patent law). But they agree on one thing for sure: “Who is the first, that and the EC Lists slippers.” despite the fact that a legal entity can be call anything, and there can be many identical names, only the one who register first has the exclusive right to this name.

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