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We are no longer ti to a particular place. Even executives of companies with a staff of office workers are beginning to understand that the constant presence of a person in the workplace does not guarantee its effective performance. And for freelancers, the office has long shrunk to the size of just a laptop. And is it possible to do without it at all? On smartphones and tablets, you can now perform many of the simple tasks that a regular computer is capable of. In the article we will tell you what pc functions your mobile device can take on. Entering text klavaon the phone, you them. True, if the text is long, typing with two fingers on the touch screen is very inconvenient. It is much better to do this with all ten by connecting an external keyboard.

There are two ways to connect via usb

Cable or via bluetooth The advantage of the second method is that you do not ne to select a wire with a suitable connector – just download the application for configuration. The advantages of an external keyboard are obvious: fast and convenient typing (especially if the keyboard is not simple, but ergonomic). Typing text on a smartphone is Kuwait Phone Number List especially good in the google docs app. Files are stor in the cloud, not in the device’s memory, so neither text nor changes in it will be lost. To quickly get online, you ne a lot of tools. At the end of the article or right now, download a free selection of 116 services that will make it easier to work with texts, images.

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Video and audio download view video and

Presentation ekranon a small screen, it is not always. Convenient to it text, and even more so a table or presentation. A picture from a smartphone or tablet can be display on a monitor or tv. If you have a projector at your disposal, you can make presentations directly from your smartphone. The proportions of the picture on the big screen will be the same EC Lists as on the mobile device, so it will ne to be put on its side. Just like with the keyboard, there are two connection methods: wir and wireless.

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