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Algorithm1 what does someone who builds a house ne? If a person plans to build a house, he has a certain period of collecting and analyzing information. He studies what kind of houses there are, what are the nuances of construction, and so on. At this time, it accumulates content. At the same time, such a subject knows for sure that at some point he will pay someone for a house, the decision to make a purchase from him has already matur. So he evaluates  cooler content, who gains more trust, who has a more interesting offer. If we are dealing with a client acting on this principle, then it is very important for us to generate content and simultaneously sell at least contact with us.

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Least subscribe to the newsletter, but it is better to communicate with us, for example, get a free consultation. Promotions can also work here: conclude an agreement now – build a house in three months for 30% cheaper. The client already knows for sure that he will build a house, he can go for a pending deal. Do you want us to send you a mind map of “types and groups of content”? Fill out the form in the pop-up window and download it. Download map of course, we also add content promotion. We share in groups in social networks, we write to the press.

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You can also advertise informational materials. Algorithmm2 for those who will “build a house”, it is necessary to lay a solid content foundation how to help someone who treats a tooth? If we are dealing with the “treat tooth” algorithm, then we assume that our client has acute pain. And more specifically: we thought over and drew up a business EC Lists plan for a crowdfunding campaign , including a pr campaign for the entire event, promotion costs, remuneration, system commissions and the funds we ne by item of expenditure.

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