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The tooth hurts now, it nes to be cur now. That is, our client bypasses the steps of the recognition ladder, finding himself immiately at the stage of searching for a supplier. And generating a lot of content in this case is generally pointless. How one project was us by crowdfunding and how it all end. Interview with evgenia foseyeva, the author of the play plan project january 12, 2017 business , tools and services , interview , interesting new year is a family holiday, but of course, children are most happy about it.

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Wonderful project for mothers and children play plan , which was invent and creat by evgenia foseeva, director of the internet agency emisart (yes, yes, it happens!) and a caring mother two curious girls. Last year, zhenya wrote a serious and very detail Thailand Phone Number List instruction for us on how to use webvisor . And we could not even think that at that time she was preparing to create a new beautiful project in her idea. Today, zhenya will talk about what project authors usually don’t like to talk about: about mistakes on the way to creation, about working with the boomstarter.

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Evgenia foseeva – evgenia foseeva

Author of the play emisart and a charming mother of two zhenya,  creation and analytics. And suddenly a children’s project! How did this idea come about? Where did it all begin? I am always visit by different ideas. But they are always either completely EC Lists crazy or non-competitive. And soon after the birth of her second daughter, the very idea finally came – a new, competitive, in demand, not absolutely crazy. And we start preparing. We prepar presentations for information partners, first sponsors, for mia personalities for shooting in a video.

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