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With hard work, you can do better than most people in China. Can you write a systematic and complete tutorial on the corresponding topic? The content of your blog is very practical, but it is a bit messy. Can you write a systematic and complete tutorial on the corresponding topic? Frankly, I thought so too. This clutter has always bother me. Because I have always insist on original writing, sometimes I write whatever comes to mind. There are inde many problems in topic selection, orderliness, and relevance. The topic on the blog is too broad, which has a lot to do with the particularity of cross-border entrepreneurship.

Cross-border entrepreneurship involves all

Aspects, including cross-border e-commerce platforms, independent stations, cross-border collection tools, cross-border payments, website building technology, cross-border crit cards, US company registration, cross-border e-commerce software, affiliate alliances, online writing, Youtube entrepreneurship, Python programming technology, cloud computing technology, etc. Obviously, I know a lot, and actually gain a lot of experience through DIY. But I’m not good at everything here, and I only know a lot Hospital Email List of things. Please rest assur, in fact, I have long been aware of the seriousness of this problem. This disorganiz and unorganiz situation has brought a lot of bad experiences to readers, and I am already starting to improve on this issue.

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I will focus on the writing of long-form tutorial

Articles, and launch some special tutorial websites one after another, trying to clarify a topic through one or a series of articles. In the near future, I will summarize my experience in creating independent stations, personal blogs, and special websites for a period of time, and write a series of original tutorials on WordPress site building and relat SEO optimization topics. This will also be my first dicat site for the Complete Tutorial Series. To be honest, this is quite time-consuming and energy-consuming EC Lists work, and I hope that my efforts can really help readers. Is it really that important to get a website a 100% rating in Gtmetrix? of course not.

Achieve the scale it is today because of its

The consumption rewards program of American crit cards is probably the envy of many Chinese. China Merchants Bank is consider to be the most successful bank in crit card business in China, but the crit card point system of China Merchants Bank is very stingy. Every RMB 20 spent earns 1 point, bas on 1,000 points, it is worth about RMB 40 if you don’t have a platinum card, and about RMB 100 if you have a platinum card. That is to say, you have to spend 1000×20=20000 yuan to get 40 yuan cash back. The cashback rate is about 0.2%. Of course, there are also the official standard treatment of amex, such as insurance, return insurance and other things.

These seemingly unbelievable various preferential

Benefits are really solidly provid in Amex Aspire Hilton. Comparison of Chinese and American crit cards Applying for American crit cards and domestic crit cards? Choosing the right crit card for cross-border entrepreneurship not only saves money but also makes money27 How to apply for a US crit card Unlike crit cards issu by domestic banks, American crit cards have their own set Australia School Email Lists of The implementation code is simple, but this manual way of creating directories and content is not a good idea. It is recommend that you use the Easy Table of Contents plugin .Create a Google API project Go to the Google API.

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Console to create a new project you can click

Here to enter, and then click to continue . Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/Year $78 You have successfully creat your project when you see the following screen: Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/Year $79 At this time, you don’t ne to click the Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/year $87 We creat before EC Lists filling in the input boxservice account ID Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Professional ition $59/year $88 if you forget thisservice account ID, you can enter the Google Cloud-Service Account to find the complete account name.

Selling counterfeit goods on the platform for the

Mastering policies, regulations and usage skills relat to cross-border collection and payment can help you save a lot of money, ruce entrepreneurial risks, and improve capital utilization. How can I manage such a complicat cross-border entrepreneurship by myself? The advantage of fighting alone is that you can attack when you advance, and you can defend when you retreat. If you really can’t continue playing, turn around and leave. This is really enviable for some large cross-border entrepreneurial sellers. The giant luxury cruise ship Titanic, which was in full bloom for a while, kept sailing at high spe.

When it found an iceberg, its huge body had no

Time to turn around, and finally sank in the Atlantic Ocean. And the big sellers with hundrs of employees, large-scale warehouses, and massive stockpiles pray that they will not encounter icebergs, or they will find icebergs earlier. And this sudden epidemic, like an iceberg that suddenly appear in front of us, although big sellers and small sellers are facing the same Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists situation, they have two completely different coping strategies. A person, in fact, you are not alone. More and more cross-border entrepreneurial teams are starting to adopt a lightweight strategy, outsourcing if they can.

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This also allows third-party task outsourcing

Companies such as Fiverr to have enough business. You are going to create a website, design a logo, register a company, apply for a trademark, take some product promotion photos and videos, you don’t really have to hire a full-time employee to help you handle these things, it costs $10, $20 , $50, $100, find professional people on Fiverr to provide you with professional services. And these costs are often much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. Can you talk about how overseas Chinese start EC Lists businesses across borders? In fact, close to half of my blog readers are from overseas. This ratio was somewhat beyond my expectation. After doing some reader visit data analysis, it is not surprising, because more than half of the readers visit through Google natural search.

Payment can be regard as a subject in the

Issues of piracy, copyright infringement, fakes, and imitations will still be a norm for a long time to come. Is it the most reliable way to open a Stripe crit card collection account? Stripe and PayPal are the two most commonly us payment methods for cross-border independent websites. In principle, it is recommend that sellers use both, and let your customers choose the payment method themselves. But if you had to choose one, it would undoubtly be Stripe. For specific reasons, please refer to ” Choose PayPal or Stripe?” A comprehensive interpretation of the independent self-built website cross-border e-commerce collection solution “. However, because Stripe is not open to mainland China, domestic users obviously.

Have no way to directly apply for a Stripe

Account, and can only register to Stripe through the identity of the Unit States, Europe, and Hong Kong. Perhaps because there are too many people missing out, you could use a U.S. bank account to apply for stripes, but now you are forc to require an SSN. Even if you are a U.S. company, according to readers’ feback, in addition to the EIN, the SSN has also begun to be Australia Accountant Email Lists mandatory. Similarly, in Europe, Deutsche Bank issu by payoneer could apply for the German version of stripe. However, KYC was requir not long after, and some sellers simply spent 100 yuan to find someone on Taobao to ps a fake address proof. But this also leaves a security risk for itself.

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It was not until later that the account number

Standard Charter Bank in Hong Kong issu by Payoneer was compliant to solve the problem of Stripe’s account registration. Considering the limit account resources of Standard Charter Bank in Hong Kong, Payoneer currently only issues this Hong Kong account to users who receive more than US$30,000. After getting the account, go to apply for stripe. Why are there so many topics relat to cross-border collection and payment on your blog? Cross-border collection and payment is a very EC Lists important link in cross-border entrepreneurship. Reading and understanding the rules of cross-border collection and payment, and choosing the correct collection and payment tools can help you reasonably avoid cross-border capital risks and save a lot of financial costs.

Cross-border entrepreneurship major and can

Stripe because of the conditions, and there is no ne to worry about opening overseas accounts, overseas crit cards, and worrying about being reject when purchasing Dropshipping, being cut off, etc. Of course, overseas Chinese actually understand the local market and culture better, and are more familiar with the local language. In my opinion, in terms of cross-border entrepreneurship, compar with overseas Chinese, domestic users face more difficulties and put in more effort. This is a fact. To give the simplest example, overseas warehouses or overseas addresses. Because it is relatively cheap, the cost of postal logistics, which was widely adopt by cross-border e-commerce sellers, is now even higher than the successful delivery of overseas warehouses.

Almost nothing remains The residential

Address of overseas Chinese is an out-and-out overseas warehouse, and the delivery and return and logistics cost and timeliness are much better than those in China, and they are easy to handle. Overseas Chinese should cherish their own series of advantages. You don’t ne to spend time and energy to deal with network. Access barriers, and you don’t ne to pay extra to third-party cross-border Quality Directors Email Lists collection companies. You can use your own overseas bank account to complete the collection at zero cost. You don’t have to worry about where the customer returns the goods, and you can directly use your own You don’t have to worry about the payment being reject.

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Drosphipping like AliExpress only rejects crit card

Payments from mainland China, and you don’t have to worry about the bank’s rejection of Paypal cash withdrawals. Overseas Paypal can even arrive in seconds, so you don’t have to worry about applying The stripe problem, stripe is only restrict to mainland China, and it is completely open to most develop countries in Europe and the Unit States; there is no ne to worry about foreign exchange EC Lists control issues, and there is no limit on foreign exchange settlement of 50,000 US dollars, not to mention the US dollar settlement, which does not ne to be exchang for other currencies instead. suffer exchange losses.

Shopify or Woo Commerce then Stripe will

Frankly speaking, overseas Chinese have many inherent advantages in cross-border entrepreneurship, at least there is no obstacle in accessing overseas mia such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, at least there is no ne to worry because they do not have overseas identity (such as ssn) or relat It is impossible to open Not to worry about customer telephone consultation, there is no language barrier. etc. Overseas Chinese should combine their own advantages and use what they are good at to start cross-border entrepreneurship. Gtmetrix is ​​a third-party website performance evaluation website.

It is an authoritative evaluation website

Mainly us to evaluate website access spe, host performance, mobile adaptation, access friendliness, and SEO From 3,000 to 30,000, then to 50,000, and then to x million, you don’t have to wait for a long graduation process, and you can get approv for a platinum crit card in one step. The most important reason why the platinum crit card is taken out as an independent chapter is that the benefits and points obtain by the platinum crit card can be spent as money. Comparison of Chinese and American Design Director Managers Email Lists crit cards Applying for American crit cards and domestic crit cards? Choosing the right crit card for cross-border entrepreneurship not only saves money but also makes money25 There are too many various rights and interests launch by various banks for platinum card users.

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The crib card market is almost a battleground for every bank

Therefore, banks have also rack their brains to come up with various rights and interests plans to attract users. Copy and paste it to the place shown above. Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/year $89 Download plugin file Download the dicat plugin for Google Indexing API Rank Math Tutorial WordPress SEO Plugin User Guide Pro $59/year $112 EC Lists keyword competition In general, Google’s search results Searching and analyzing Google rankings is an important job.

Spelling correction and grammar that come with

Why do everyone choose wordpress, and why do. Most people choose woo commerce to build an independent website? Because reliable. Why do most people choose the US market for cross-border entrepreneurship? In 2019, China’s foreign trade total 31.54 trillion yuan. The largest trading partner is the European Union, which is compos of 27 member states, with an import and export of 4.86 trillion yuan; the second. Largest trading partner is the 10-member ASEAN, with an import and export of 4.43 trillion yuan. The third largest trading partner is the Unit States, with imports and exports of 3.73 trillion yuan, and the fourth largest trading partner is Japan, with imports and exports of 2.17 trillion yuan. Most US street address services cost a fee, and to be honest, it’s hard to choose a full-featur, inexpensive address provider that fits all your nes.

Receive checks receive packages receive returns and

Transfer back to China ” How to register a US trademark? Obviously, since the new U.S. trademark law came into effect on. August 3, 2019, it is no longer feasible to register a U.S. trademark by DIY. Under the new policy, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires all non-U.S. register. Trademark applicants, registrants, and parties involv in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Engineering Directors Email Lists Board litigation to entrust a lawyer representative licens to practice in the Unit States to handle the matter on their behalf. Considering that the new. US trademark law no longer allows non-US trademark applicants to register directly, the content of this subsection is no longer suitable for.

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Chinese applicants to apply by themselves

Of course, you can still entrust a US attorney to help you. Complete the US trademark applicationis a task outsourcing platform. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers will outsource some tasks to foreigners on Fiverr, including helping you optimize. Amazon listings , helping you record a product promotion video , , help you optimize the performance and spe of EC Lists your wordpress website to A+b standards, and more. You can refer to my other article ” Guide to Registration and Use of the Fiverr Freelance Task Trading Platform “. I found a lot of American lawyers on Fiverr that provide US trademark registration agency services.

English writing automatic error correction

That is, there is not enough knowlge reserve, and there is also a lack of English ability. In other words, there is no English ability to read the original English materials overseas, to understand the original English videos, and even to write and reply letters in English, and to communicate in English. Although there are translation software Support, although the platform provides a Chinese version, just relying on some enthusiasm, some passion, and some courage, the cross-border e-commerce industry may not be the best choice. But we also ne to face up to the fact that most cross-border e-commerce sellers do not have first-rate English skills, and a large part of them are second-rate or even third-rate like me. border e-commerce industry. There are still many things you can do, find something that you are good at.

I want to improve my English, can you provide

Some advice? I am in ” How to do cross-border e-commerce with poor English?” I use practical experience to help you find a learning method ” in the article I shar my 7-month English ability improvement process in detail. From dumb English to barrier-free communication with foreigners, in addition to my own great efforts, I largely benefit from an overseas English course training R&D Directors Email Lists I participat in – the online English course of ilac Canadian International Language Institute . 101 Answers to Frequently Ask Questions about Cross-border Entrepreneurship 11 There is no shortcut to learning English, you should memorize it by rote or you have to memorize it by rote. But in terms of oral communication, the best way is to communicate directly with foreigners face to face.

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Of course in China most people do not have

The opportunity to have a direct conversation with foreigners in English. Therefore, the oral communication level of Chinese students is generally not high, and I am no exception. I can understand most English materials, but I can’t open my mouth. . Until I participat in ILAC’s paid courses, I communicat face-to-face with native English-speaking Canadian teachers every day. Subtly, my oral English improv a lot. After the 7-month course, I also receiv my language proficiency certificate. 101 Answers to EC Lists Frequently Ask Questions about Cross-Border Entrepreneurship 12 As for writing, I have some writing habits, and I frequently write letters, articles, essey, etc. in English in my daily work.

Necessary to reply to customers partners

This requires Payoneer to assist PayPal in the repayment operation. In order to save the $35 handling fee, some sellers will also register with PayPal in the Unit States to avoid the $35 when withdrawing cash. This has to do with the issue of Velo Huamei Bank account. The cross-border collection tools were mix up, and the wrong choice was made in the end, resulting in more collection costs or exchange rate losses. Understand the actual use of each collection tool. The advantages and characteristics are the basic knowlge of cross-border entrepreneurship that every cross-border e-commerce seller must have. PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, Velo, East West Bank, start with these collection methods and use them in combination , to achieve the best purpose.

Further reading Talk about the cross-border

collection tool in the eyes of Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers-PayPal “, ” 2020 Payoneer Pai Anying complete tutorial guide for registration and use”, ” How cross-border e-commerce sellers open Stripe collection crit card collection payment channel. Do I ne to apply for a velo East West bank account? Velo East West Bank has rais the threshold for opening an account to the first Manufacturing Directors Email Lists deposit of $2,500, otherwise it will refuse to open. In other words, opening a velo East West bank account is no longer a matter of zero cost and zero threshold. Whether to open or not depends entirely on your actual nes for cross-border entrepreneurship. Velo is a rare way to collect cross-border funds. There are almost no restrictions on collection.

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The debit card issu by Velo can withdraw US

Dollars on domestic ATM machines. The secur crit card issu by it can help you establish a personal account in the Unit States. Crit, its checking can collect payments from American companies and individuals, you can bind PayPal, activate the US version of. PayPal, and help EC Lists you free PayPal withdrawals to Bank of America for a fee of $35 per transaction. There is only one principle of whether to open or not. If you have a real ne, do it if you have a ne. If you don’t have it or the demand is not big, don’t do it. This has maintenance costs.

Grammarly is an English writing assistant

No matter how much it is boast by the mia, it can be ignor in front of the Google giant. This goes back to the directional issue mention above. In terms of cross-border entrepreneurial methods, cross-border platforms, independent station building methods, product selection and traffic target selection, if you choose a second-rate or even third-rate platform by mistake, you will be wrong. If you choose an inconspicuous product and mistakenly choose a non-mainstream traffic channel, then this kind of directional error will most likely make you leave the market quickly. Is Dropshipping reliable? In fact, there is no such thing as reliable or unreliable.

Dropshipping first appear 10 years ago

Dropshipping has inde creat a large number of successful sellers because of its low cost, no ne to stock up, and free operation. In my opinion, dropshipping will continue to be the most mature business model for cross-border e-commerce in the future, just like independent websites. Further reading: ” The most complete and complete interpretation of Dropshipping in history is Media Directors Email Lists here to teach you step by step how to use Dropshipping to carry out cross-border e-commerce business” ” Affiliate World Asia 2019 trip to Bangkok What I saw, heard, and felt, Dropshipping has become the hottest topic ” What collection tool is recommend for cross-border e-commerce? Stripe and Paypal are the most commonly us independent website collection tools for sellers, and Payoneer is the most commonly us collection tool for platforms.

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Among them PayPal is the choice of

Platforms and independent stations, which can collect money from some platforms and independent stations. Of course, the collection process is not simple, and many detail factors ne to be consider, including issues such as security, rates, and compliance. Taking PayPal as an example, PayPal is the most extensive cross-border collection and payment tool in the world, and it is EC Lists an all-around player. However, due to policy reasons, domestic sellers will have a lot of inconvenience when using PayPal. For example, how to withdraw PayPal money into RMB and return to China. In fact, many banks will explicitly reject cash withdrawal funds from PayPal.