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Why do everyone choose wordpress, and why do. Most people choose woo commerce to build an independent website? Because reliable. Why do most people choose the US market for cross-border entrepreneurship? In 2019, China’s foreign trade total 31.54 trillion yuan. The largest trading partner is the European Union, which is compos of 27 member states, with an import and export of 4.86 trillion yuan; the second. Largest trading partner is the 10-member ASEAN, with an import and export of 4.43 trillion yuan. The third largest trading partner is the Unit States, with imports and exports of 3.73 trillion yuan, and the fourth largest trading partner is Japan, with imports and exports of 2.17 trillion yuan. Most US street address services cost a fee, and to be honest, it’s hard to choose a full-featur, inexpensive address provider that fits all your nes.

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Transfer back to China ” How to register a US trademark? Obviously, since the new U.S. trademark law came into effect on. August 3, 2019, it is no longer feasible to register a U.S. trademark by DIY. Under the new policy, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) requires all non-U.S. register. Trademark applicants, registrants, and parties involv in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Engineering Directors Email Lists Board litigation to entrust a lawyer representative licens to practice in the Unit States to handle the matter on their behalf. Considering that the new. US trademark law no longer allows non-US trademark applicants to register directly, the content of this subsection is no longer suitable for.

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Of course, you can still entrust a US attorney to help you. Complete the US trademark applicationis a task outsourcing platform. Many cross-border e-commerce sellers will outsource some tasks to foreigners on Fiverr, including helping you optimize. Amazon listings , helping you record a product promotion video , , help you optimize the performance and spe of EC Lists your wordpress website to A+b standards, and more. You can refer to my other article ” Guide to Registration and Use of the Fiverr Freelance Task Trading Platform “. I found a lot of American lawyers on Fiverr that provide US trademark registration agency services.

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