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Mastering policies, regulations and usage skills relat to cross-border collection and payment can help you save a lot of money, ruce entrepreneurial risks, and improve capital utilization. How can I manage such a complicat cross-border entrepreneurship by myself? The advantage of fighting alone is that you can attack when you advance, and you can defend when you retreat. If you really can’t continue playing, turn around and leave. This is really enviable for some large cross-border entrepreneurial sellers. The giant luxury cruise ship Titanic, which was in full bloom for a while, kept sailing at high spe.

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Time to turn around, and finally sank in the Atlantic Ocean. And the big sellers with hundrs of employees, large-scale warehouses, and massive stockpiles pray that they will not encounter icebergs, or they will find icebergs earlier. And this sudden epidemic, like an iceberg that suddenly appear in front of us, although big sellers and small sellers are facing the same Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists situation, they have two completely different coping strategies. A person, in fact, you are not alone. More and more cross-border entrepreneurial teams are starting to adopt a lightweight strategy, outsourcing if they can.

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This also allows third-party task outsourcing

Companies such as Fiverr to have enough business. You are going to create a website, design a logo, register a company, apply for a trademark, take some product promotion photos and videos, you don’t really have to hire a full-time employee to help you handle these things, it costs $10, $20 , $50, $100, find professional people on Fiverr to provide you with professional services. And these costs are often much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. Can you talk about how overseas Chinese start EC Lists businesses across borders? In fact, close to half of my blog readers are from overseas. This ratio was somewhat beyond my expectation. After doing some reader visit data analysis, it is not surprising, because more than half of the readers visit through Google natural search.

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