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Stripe because of the conditions, and there is no ne to worry about opening overseas accounts, overseas crit cards, and worrying about being reject when purchasing Dropshipping, being cut off, etc. Of course, overseas Chinese actually understand the local market and culture better, and are more familiar with the local language. In my opinion, in terms of cross-border entrepreneurship, compar with overseas Chinese, domestic users face more difficulties and put in more effort. This is a fact. To give the simplest example, overseas warehouses or overseas addresses. Because it is relatively cheap, the cost of postal logistics, which was widely adopt by cross-border e-commerce sellers, is now even higher than the successful delivery of overseas warehouses.

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Address of overseas Chinese is an out-and-out overseas warehouse, and the delivery and return and logistics cost and timeliness are much better than those in China, and they are easy to handle. Overseas Chinese should cherish their own series of advantages. You don’t ne to spend time and energy to deal with network. Access barriers, and you don’t ne to pay extra to third-party cross-border Quality Directors Email Lists collection companies. You can use your own overseas bank account to complete the collection at zero cost. You don’t have to worry about where the customer returns the goods, and you can directly use your own You don’t have to worry about the payment being reject.

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Payments from mainland China, and you don’t have to worry about the bank’s rejection of Paypal cash withdrawals. Overseas Paypal can even arrive in seconds, so you don’t have to worry about applying The stripe problem, stripe is only restrict to mainland China, and it is completely open to most develop countries in Europe and the Unit States; there is no ne to worry about foreign exchange EC Lists control issues, and there is no limit on foreign exchange settlement of 50,000 US dollars, not to mention the US dollar settlement, which does not ne to be exchang for other currencies instead. suffer exchange losses.

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