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That is, there is not enough knowlge reserve, and there is also a lack of English ability. In other words, there is no English ability to read the original English materials overseas, to understand the original English videos, and even to write and reply letters in English, and to communicate in English. Although there are translation software Support, although the platform provides a Chinese version, just relying on some enthusiasm, some passion, and some courage, the cross-border e-commerce industry may not be the best choice. But we also ne to face up to the fact that most cross-border e-commerce sellers do not have first-rate English skills, and a large part of them are second-rate or even third-rate like me. border e-commerce industry. There are still many things you can do, find something that you are good at.

I want to improve my English, can you provide

Some advice? I am in ” How to do cross-border e-commerce with poor English?” I use practical experience to help you find a learning method ” in the article I shar my 7-month English ability improvement process in detail. From dumb English to barrier-free communication with foreigners, in addition to my own great efforts, I largely benefit from an overseas English course training R&D Directors Email Lists I participat in – the online English course of ilac Canadian International Language Institute . 101 Answers to Frequently Ask Questions about Cross-border Entrepreneurship 11 There is no shortcut to learning English, you should memorize it by rote or you have to memorize it by rote. But in terms of oral communication, the best way is to communicate directly with foreigners face to face.

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Of course in China most people do not have

The opportunity to have a direct conversation with foreigners in English. Therefore, the oral communication level of Chinese students is generally not high, and I am no exception. I can understand most English materials, but I can’t open my mouth. . Until I participat in ILAC’s paid courses, I communicat face-to-face with native English-speaking Canadian teachers every day. Subtly, my oral English improv a lot. After the 7-month course, I also receiv my language proficiency certificate. 101 Answers to EC Lists Frequently Ask Questions about Cross-Border Entrepreneurship 12 As for writing, I have some writing habits, and I frequently write letters, articles, essey, etc. in English in my daily work.

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