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Issues of piracy, copyright infringement, fakes, and imitations will still be a norm for a long time to come. Is it the most reliable way to open a Stripe crit card collection account? Stripe and PayPal are the two most commonly us payment methods for cross-border independent websites. In principle, it is recommend that sellers use both, and let your customers choose the payment method themselves. But if you had to choose one, it would undoubtly be Stripe. For specific reasons, please refer to ” Choose PayPal or Stripe?” A comprehensive interpretation of the independent self-built website cross-border e-commerce collection solution “. However, because Stripe is not open to mainland China, domestic users obviously.

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Account, and can only register to Stripe through the identity of the Unit States, Europe, and Hong Kong. Perhaps because there are too many people missing out, you could use a U.S. bank account to apply for stripes, but now you are forc to require an SSN. Even if you are a U.S. company, according to readers’ feback, in addition to the EIN, the SSN has also begun to be Australia Accountant Email Lists mandatory. Similarly, in Europe, Deutsche Bank issu by payoneer could apply for the German version of stripe. However, KYC was requir not long after, and some sellers simply spent 100 yuan to find someone on Taobao to ps a fake address proof. But this also leaves a security risk for itself.

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Standard Charter Bank in Hong Kong issu by Payoneer was compliant to solve the problem of Stripe’s account registration. Considering the limit account resources of Standard Charter Bank in Hong Kong, Payoneer currently only issues this Hong Kong account to users who receive more than US$30,000. After getting the account, go to apply for stripe. Why are there so many topics relat to cross-border collection and payment on your blog? Cross-border collection and payment is a very EC Lists important link in cross-border entrepreneurship. Reading and understanding the rules of cross-border collection and payment, and choosing the correct collection and payment tools can help you reasonably avoid cross-border capital risks and save a lot of financial costs.

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