everything is wonderful, but you are in Kaliningrad

Thirdly , you will definitely ruce advertising costs. And fourthly,for us and for our clients, this instruction works great! If you decide to give this list to a contextual advertising agency, keep in mind: specialists there do the technical work. After all, it is X production of erasers at the same time. All specialists in agencies are specialists in setting up an advertising campaign. Your list of keywords will make it much easier for you to communicate while creating your ads. But still, the agency does not know your product the way you do. Doesn’t know your business better than you. And about how to distinguish a good directologist from … Not very good, we will

Write in the next article And, of course

Our team is always ready to help you! The first thing you want to do after such an instruction is to immiately go look for the righthow to assemble a team, find partners and investors on one service? Opportunities smartprogress.Do december 4, 2016 business , tools and services having the right goal is half the battle. The other half is the optimal realization of this goal. Today igor pukhlov will talk about an online service that helps to set goals, achieve Afghanistan Phone Number List them, find like-mind people along the way, share the results of victories at the stages of this path. Service that makes people happier to achieve the desir goals, you first ne to correctly formulate them. Most people just don’t know where to start.

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Smartprogress is a goal-setting service that

Will help you achieve results easier and more conveniently. The service allows you to correctly set a goal, break it down into stages, track achievements and, if desir, share the results with other users in order to get support or advice.The first point was at the age of three, when I was first sent to an ordinary kindergarten, and there I was sad, I was sick a lot. They took me from there and after some time they found a kindergarten with english. I still don’t know EC Lists where he came from in leningrad in 82. But this is a fact. I was sent there not for the sake of the english language, but for the fact that people had human faces there.

Everything is wonderful but you are

The request “Cleaning nozzles” cannot be consider separately from the popular request. Cleaning nozzles with your own hands.” the query “Disk”: what are they looking for with it more – “Alloy disks” or “Audio disks”? Search engines, of course, are. Constantly improving their algorithms and no longer show the recipe for herring under a fur coat for the query “buy a fur coat”. But, as they say, trust, but verify. Remove low-frequency requests generat by robots in query statistics, they are taken into account due to the automat generation of progress reports by seo specialists, but real people don’t ask like that. For example, “I will buy a phone cheap delivery.

Remove regional requests Beauty salon krasnodar

Craft beer bar yekaterinburg”, “Pizza moscow” –  make sure the requests are suitable for. The target audience they also reflect the usp and answer unask questions. In the first paragraph, we have already determin the positioning, the target audience and formulat the usp. Now you ne to check the remaining list of requests for compliance with what Armenia Phone Number List your potential customer and buyer are looking for on the internet. Is the developer of the new microdistrict looking for “Cement.

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Does the cemF.ent plant ne to move on the request

Buy leroy merlin cement? Do I ne to leave a request for “Children’s drawing moscow” for the children’s drawing studio in butov. The instruction turn out to be rather big, but! Firstly, you do it once fully at the start, and then only as the assortment expands, you add new groups of keywords. Secondly, by doing such thoughtful and serious work, you will EC Lists feel your business and understand the nuances in a way that you could not possibly understand before. The article was written bas on the english version of facebook, but some are true for our country.

Includ in the titles of your future useful

You also collect these requests separately. Poisk-po-poxozhim-slovam queries for similar words hint: some of the queries in the right column may be  keyword planner not very convenient: first you ne to create a campaign and ads. And for most topics, statistics from yandex and google are approximately the same. The way of the perfectionist if you have an excellent student syndrome and you want to do everything perfectly, then look for query synonyms in dictionaries. Then drive the synonyms into wordstat and follow the already familiar instructions. Clear the resulting list of duplicates (repetitive phrases) – this is the easiest task. Product group of keywords if you sell mass-produc goods at retail, then probably another two hundr people sell the same goods.

Or twenty thousand Add product names and

Skus to your keyword list! Often people are looking for a specific product or comparing prices, shipping terms, delivery times, etc. Perhaps two people per month will come to you for one such keyword. But even if one of them makes an order, and Argentina Phone Number List practice shows that the conversion for product queries is often exactly this – 30-60%, then 30 such products will already give an additional 30 orders per month. 3. Filter collect requests get rid of excess remove queries that do not exactly match your topic.

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If you sell Homemade cakes to order without

Fondant”, then remove at least “Cake recipe”, “Foam cakes”, “Cake fondant”. Assess the ne for tweeters a high-frequency keyword within a topic is a query that is typ into a search engine more often than others. In “Cakes” it is “Cake”. In “Clothing for nursing mothers” – this is “Clothes for nursing mothers.” it is not the frequency of requests in yandex that is EC Lists estimat (for cakes it is 6 million per month, for nursing clothes – 6000 per month), but the frequency of requests within the topic. Vysokochastotnyj-zapros-v-wordstat high frequency query in wordstat how to understand if your subject nes high-frequency speakers? Let’s look again at examples from our practice.

Work with texts images video and audio download

When we achieve what we want, we become. Happier, which may be more important. Smartprogress the main audience of the service is active people ag 20-35 who are interest in living, learning new things, developing skills – aspiring entrepreneurs. It professionals, athletes, people with various hobbies, etc. At the moment, more than 100,000 register users, about 5,000 unique visitors come to the site every day. To quickly get online, you ne a lot of tools. At the end of the article or right now, download a free selection of 116 services that will make it easier to  how to increase the audience of your project the more people who know about a project, the more likely it is to succe.

Setting a goal on the service will help not only to

Announce the business, find new customers. But also to introduce the main idea and founders of the project, to become closer to your audience. November digest december 4, 2016 business , interesting and again we share with you useful materials, this time what we read in november. We are preparing to sum up the results of the year, making Algeria Phone Number List forecasts. internet marketing, and in particular, contBut And I stopp responding at all. Then I gather myself into a fist, chose a few public figures whom I love, whom I admire and who face a much larger volume of this, and for the first time in my life.

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I went to their public spaces, pages, profiles.

I did not look at them but at the comments that people leave. And I realiz that there is no escape from this – no matter what you do, and no matter how wonderful it is, there will be such a reaction. And people who have achiev tremendous success not only in russia, but also on the world stage, write absolutely obscene things on the pages. After that, all questions disappear. But I had to get sick – my body react. You can’t not be alive. Otherwise, you EC Lists cease to be interesting to your audience. In the end, of course, everything end well, because I sat down and look: the net result was an increase in the audience of about 2,000 people. It’s not that bad. If you go back to the very beginning, for you personally, english is what? For me, it’s a choice I didn’t make. And then she did! There were several bright spots.

Necessary you can get support and motivation from

Open and honest business is a sustainable trend. If  other users or advice from people who have already pass a similar path. Achieving the goal becomes much more pleasant when there is a support team. Gather the whole team in one place how often our ideas got stuck in our heads or notebooks because we didn’t meet people who could help this idea become a reality. These are designers, programmers, mobile application developers, marketers, etc. Most users of the service are easy-going people from different professional fields who are ready to participate and help in word and de. If the project has gather the right team, you can create a group goal and distribute tasks among the.

Participants so that you can easily track the

Contribution of each member of the group. A striking example is the good-inevitably project . The smartprogress service brought together a team of caring people who realiz the idea of ​​one person. And even find investors in order to find third-party funding, any project nes to provide a business plan that will accurately describe the actions necessary to achieve financial indicators, the timing of the tasks, the format and frequency of reporting on the Albania Phone Number List results obtain. The easier it is for a potential investor to get acquaint with the project, the more chances the project has for success. Keep a goal diary and show all the achiev indicators in it. Information businessmen.

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Trainers mentors conduct courses

Conveniently where do you run your courses? Where do you communicate with your students? In clos groups on social networks or other platforms that may not be intend for this? Smartprogress.Do is a beautiful and convenient service for conducting courses and working with students. Use a platform that is design for this and that was creat for easy EC Lists interaction with the audience. Those who already teach or plan to start their courses can learn more about the functionality of the platform for trainers . The service has its own mobile applications – everyone can find the most convenient format forarticles we read.

Budget and the constant struggle with the assessors

This is something I didn’t choose. Then there was a point when I dropp out of three universities, and then I decid that I ne a higher ucation. I took the path of least resistance, found the institute of foreign languages, realiz that I might survive in this institution. By that time I was working. I want to go to french, I submitt documents there, but they told me that if I went to learn english, then they would immiately take me to the second year. I figur to myself – I was over 20 then – that this is minus a year and minus some amount of money, and I agre. Again, it wasn’t really my choice. Then I translat for a long time, work hard, earn good money, for ten years everything went steadily, with a tendency to fade in the end. And the time came when I want to do something completely different.

I spent several years looking for what

I would like to do, then. Another year – in an – and crash. I said to myself: “masha. Nothing is working out for you, you are tir like a dog, there is no money, the prospects are vague, what can you do right now?” the question was put squarely. During this period, after 10 years of good earnings, I was financially dependent, it torment me very Austria Phone Number List much. I honestly look at what is there, and what did I see? Of course, english. I realiz that I can teach. I start the same way as so many people whom I now scold for it.

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Attempt to realize one of my creative ideas

I still feel a little embarrass in front of my first clients. But I was attentive to what I was doing and how people respond to it, and after a while I start getting good feback. And, of course, I went to get additional ucation. And then there was a project? No. actually, it’s very funny. People often write to me in the comments: “here is a person who is passionate EC Lists about his work, a real fan of his work!” the project was actually born from the fact that I sat down and told myself that I was not getting what I want. In fact, what I’m doing now is a plan b, a plan in case of failure. Failure happen – and I began to do what I could.

Different performers at the same time – who has

Algorithm1 what does someone who builds a house ne? If a person plans to build a house, he has a certain period of collecting and analyzing information. He studies what kind of houses there are, what are the nuances of construction, and so on. At this time, it accumulates content. At the same time, such a subject knows for sure that at some point he will pay someone for a house, the decision to make a purchase from him has already matur. So he evaluates  cooler content, who gains more trust, who has a more interesting offer. If we are dealing with a client acting on this principle, then it is very important for us to generate content and simultaneously sell at least contact with us.

The content may contain calls to at

Least subscribe to the newsletter, but it is better to communicate with us, for example, get a free consultation. Promotions can also work here: conclude an agreement now – build a house in three months for 30% cheaper. The client already knows for sure that he will build a house, he can go for a pending deal. Do you want us to send you a mind map of “types and groups of content”? Fill out the form in the pop-up window and download it. Download map of course, we also add content promotion. We share in groups in social networks, we write to the press.

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with the help of targeting in social networks

You can also advertise informational materials. Algorithmm2 for those who will “build a house”, it is necessary to lay a solid content foundation how to help someone who treats a tooth? If we are dealing with the “treat tooth” algorithm, then we assume that our client has acute pain. And more specifically: we thought over and drew up a business EC Lists plan for a crowdfunding campaign , including a pr campaign for the entire event, promotion costs, remuneration, system commissions and the funds we ne by item of expenditure.

We know you as an expert in website

The tooth hurts now, it nes to be cur now. That is, our client bypasses the steps of the recognition ladder, finding himself immiately at the stage of searching for a supplier. And generating a lot of content in this case is generally pointless. How one project was us by crowdfunding and how it all end. Interview with evgenia foseyeva, the author of the play plan project january 12, 2017 business , tools and services , interview , interesting new year is a family holiday, but of course, children are most happy about it.

Therefore the first  or rather about the

Wonderful project for mothers and children play plan , which was invent and creat by evgenia foseeva, director of the internet agency emisart (yes, yes, it happens!) and a caring mother two curious girls. Last year, zhenya wrote a serious and very detail Thailand Phone Number List instruction for us on how to use webvisor . And we could not even think that at that time she was preparing to create a new beautiful project in her idea. Today, zhenya will talk about what project authors usually don’t like to talk about: about mistakes on the way to creation, about working with the boomstarter.

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Evgenia foseeva – evgenia foseeva

Author of the play emisart and a charming mother of two zhenya,  creation and analytics. And suddenly a children’s project! How did this idea come about? Where did it all begin? I am always visit by different ideas. But they are always either completely EC Lists crazy or non-competitive. And soon after the birth of her second daughter, the very idea finally came – a new, competitive, in demand, not absolutely crazy. And we start preparing. We prepar presentations for information partners, first sponsors, for mia personalities for shooting in a video.

Short But he has no plans to pay someone yet

For such clients, a very high-quality platform (website, landing) is ne , on which in a  time you can evaluate everything that is ne to make a decision. If there is an article section on the site, then it is compact and closes the main objections of the client. It turns out something like the answers to the faq, which can be studi in one visit to the site. With such a decision-making algorithm, our task is to make the most profitable offer, the platform that is best tun to the target audience and attract traffic. Contextual advertising , yan can work , you can test targeting in social networks , and so on.

Algorithmm3 when the tooth hurts

The most accurate adjustment to the audience and the problem works and recently, for a consultation, I had the director of the center for preparing for the exam. In their practice, there are definitely both categories of clients – those who “Build a house” and those who “Treat a tooth.” some approach the issue seriously, study the information in advance South Korea Phone Number List before going to the courses. For others, the children did not write a trial exam in february, they realiz that they urgently ne to run to improve their knowlge – and there was no time for savoring the content. What if I just look.

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The third algorithm is “I’ll just look In this case

Person collects useful information on a certain topic,. He is simply interest (his hobby is this) or collects information in order to do everything on his own. So my dad built a bathhouse 20 years ago – I still find books about the construction of a steam room in the attic. most of my clients are in this category. They want marketing information, so they read my EC Lists blog. But more often they do it without a deferr plan to somay take a training or buy a consultation. They are just ucating themselves.

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It’s not that I’m rooting for the cause, I don’t really like this wording. There is something that is organically mine, and this is language – in general, language as a system, as a phenomenon that for me is my absolute element beyond any doubt. These are the categories in which I think. Like an artist who thinks in shapes and colors, like an architect who thinks in structures. I see a colossal story in every word. I am physically not very good when I see misspell words. It’s implant somewhere inside. When I taught him, english had not yet acquir the status of a “requir basic skill”. I think it’s stupid. Even driving a car in this life is not a mandatory skill. Here, for example, jk rowling – she still does not drive a car. And nothing.

At her service is a personal car with a

Driver, as well as public transport, which she uses, despite her status. English is too expensive a skill to make it a thing that you can say, “I also know english!” maria show a deep look at the problem of learning a language and, it seems to me, at lifearticles we read. Digest for january february 5, 2017 business , interesting at the beginning of the year, entrepreneurs traditionally make sales plans. Sales and customers have been talk about a lot this Switzerland Phone Number List month, and in this issue we offer a great selection of articles about sales, salespeople, customers, and other marketing goodies.

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Getting ready for the hot season

The final purchase decision is influenc by various factors, including our sympathy for the seller. If the seller is accommodating, we like it, this will most likely increase the chances of the product being purchas. Why is sympathy for a friend the main rule of sales according to cialdini? Finds out lpgenerator . Are you just about to create a landing page or have you decid to update an existing one? Then forecast: what will be the landing pages in 2017?  marketing for business: how to create a working autofunnel from texterra – an article-instruction EC Lists on attracting customers with a series of letters and other sales tools. Learn secrets to boost ctr for facebook posts and create working posts on your professional profile.

Through in the decision-making process

At the end of last year, vkontakte announc the goods app, and everyone rush to use it. And cmsmagazine issu instructions on how to do it as efficiently as possible. Vkontakte = marketplace opportunities for a new product platform on the vkontakte social network – create your own marketplace through your personal profile on the social network. It is not enough to attract a client – you still ne to keep it. A short and effective guide to customer retention tells you how to do it in practice. Do you know 5 psychological principles that all marketers should know ? If you immiately retort that you are not a marketer, then it is very in vain.

These principles ne to be known to

Everyone who sells a product or provides services or otherwise interacts with customers. And now prepare tea or coffee, make yourself comfortable – now it will be long and interesting, because, firstly, this is another entertaining reading from texterra , and secondly, this is longread about longreads . The title, as you understand, speaks for itself: everything is about those very mysterious sheets of text that are still worth writing. The main Sweden Phone Number List thing is to do it right. Have you decid to grow a personal brand and don’t know where to start? Start with yourself.

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Tell us who you are, what your expertise and

Usefulness are. Scar to open up in front of an audience? So what to do! The brand is personal. But denis kaplunov is already rushing to theare your clients building a house or treating a tooth? About decision-making algorithms and content compliance with them january 28, 2017 content , copywriting last year, we already talk about the stages that potential buyers go  Remember how I talk about the awareness ladder , a tool creat by marketer ben hunt EC Lists to illustrate these stages? However, when I suggest one of my clients to apply this tool to their project, it often causes difficulties.

template resource A simple strategic

How to enter the market with your product in the most target way, satisfy the demand of your target audience, bring benefits, really interest the client? Ne a plan! If you’re a long way from putting together a complete marketing plan quickly, use the value proposition  planning tool with elements of behavioral psychology and design thinking . Very simple, visual, suitable for the first plan before launch. And here is another article about pinpoint entry into the market, or rather, about how to “hook” a client and we out those with whom you are not on the way.

Communicate with potential customers

Correctly and make the path to purchase as short as possible. And again about the interaction with the client. This time, literally a memo-script from megaplan . Bring the client to the purchase gradually, correctly, carefully. The article stuff for memory: 5 paradoxical principles of sales will tell you how to do it. Before placing a banner on the site, you try to find the best place for it. How to overcome banner blindness? – an article that will tell you Spain Phone Number List where the banner will be more noticeable, after which content block it will hook, how to properly place advertising elements on it, depending on the location of the banner. Do you love your customers as much a your product.

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Make them friends so that they love each other

Create content that will evoke response feelings in visitors, guess their desires and get into the mood. Get closer to your client with 9 ingenious examples of empathic content marketing from r usability . Stability in any area is provid by correctly select anchors. What to interact with in the coming year for optimal promotion or the main communication trends of 2017 . Have you already organiz the work of all employees in the project? Or maybe you urgently ne a system to optimize single work, but on several projects? Organize it! A good choice of tools EC Lists for this is offer by texterra – divide and conquer: 15 free services for managing marketing projects. In addition, not all leads (potential customers) go through every step of the recognition ladder.