Short But he has no plans to pay someone yet

For such clients, a very high-quality platform (website, landing) is ne , on which in a  time you can evaluate everything that is ne to make a decision. If there is an article section on the site, then it is compact and closes the main objections of the client. It turns out something like the answers to the faq, which can be studi in one visit to the site. With such a decision-making algorithm, our task is to make the most profitable offer, the platform that is best tun to the target audience and attract traffic. Contextual advertising , yan can work , you can test targeting in social networks , and so on.

Algorithmm3 when the tooth hurts

The most accurate adjustment to the audience and the problem works and recently, for a consultation, I had the director of the center for preparing for the exam. In their practice, there are definitely both categories of clients – those who “Build a house” and those who “Treat a tooth.” some approach the issue seriously, study the information in advance South Korea Phone Number List before going to the courses. For others, the children did not write a trial exam in february, they realiz that they urgently ne to run to improve their knowlge – and there was no time for savoring the content. What if I just look.

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The third algorithm is “I’ll just look In this case

Person collects useful information on a certain topic,. He is simply interest (his hobby is this) or collects information in order to do everything on his own. So my dad built a bathhouse 20 years ago – I still find books about the construction of a steam room in the attic. most of my clients are in this category. They want marketing information, so they read my EC Lists blog. But more often they do it without a deferr plan to somay take a training or buy a consultation. They are just ucating themselves.

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