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You also collect these requests separately. Poisk-po-poxozhim-slovam queries for similar words hint: some of the queries in the right column may be  keyword planner not very convenient: first you ne to create a campaign and ads. And for most topics, statistics from yandex and google are approximately the same. The way of the perfectionist if you have an excellent student syndrome and you want to do everything perfectly, then look for query synonyms in dictionaries. Then drive the synonyms into wordstat and follow the already familiar instructions. Clear the resulting list of duplicates (repetitive phrases) – this is the easiest task. Product group of keywords if you sell mass-produc goods at retail, then probably another two hundr people sell the same goods.

Or twenty thousand Add product names and

Skus to your keyword list! Often people are looking for a specific product or comparing prices, shipping terms, delivery times, etc. Perhaps two people per month will come to you for one such keyword. But even if one of them makes an order, and Argentina Phone Number List practice shows that the conversion for product queries is often exactly this – 30-60%, then 30 such products will already give an additional 30 orders per month. 3. Filter collect requests get rid of excess remove queries that do not exactly match your topic.

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If you sell Homemade cakes to order without

Fondant”, then remove at least “Cake recipe”, “Foam cakes”, “Cake fondant”. Assess the ne for tweeters a high-frequency keyword within a topic is a query that is typ into a search engine more often than others. In “Cakes” it is “Cake”. In “Clothing for nursing mothers” – this is “Clothes for nursing mothers.” it is not the frequency of requests in yandex that is EC Lists estimat (for cakes it is 6 million per month, for nursing clothes – 6000 per month), but the frequency of requests within the topic. Vysokochastotnyj-zapros-v-wordstat high frequency query in wordstat how to understand if your subject nes high-frequency speakers? Let’s look again at examples from our practice.

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