Your own personal templates you will have the

Templates for all these sites are in front of you, in 6 tabs, up to the first publish page. When you publish it, the 7th tab “Internal pages” will appear. If you create  8th tab – “My templates”. Choose a template the first sheet in the business tab is not a template. It’s a blank sheet, you can add whatever you want to it. But I recommend that you scroll through all the other templates. See which elements on them you like visually, and which ones you have something to fill. And choose the one that suits you the most.

All templates can be view in more detail

Click on the select one and it will expand to full screen. We can: create a page with the “Create page” button scroll through the templates further with the arrows and look at the big ones right away close the template window and return to the selection Belize Phone Number List screen. Template select. What’s next? Step 3. it page settings on tilda if you hover over the name, three buttons will become visible: “Settings”, “Publish” and “Delete”. Now you ne the first one – with settings. It is very important to correctly fill in the page settings.

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What is written here will be seen by the user

When you post a link somewhere. Agree, it will be awkward if you sell flowers, and the template signature will contain data, for example, a hairdressing salon. Page title and description fill in the main. The title of the page is what the user will see at the top of the browser by hovering the mouse over the site icon. Please choose your title EC Lists responsibly. Description – what the user will see when you publish the link on social networks, the description must match the content of the page. The page address is what the link to the page will look like.

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