Familiar a pop-up window will appear in which

Another page will go to the landing. And another 40 pages will remain on the blog. When you reach the limit, you will know for sure if you ne a paid plan or if you should make a website on wordpress . Step 1. If you have chosen the template that is most suitable for your tasks, you may not ne other blocks. But if you ne to change something, add a section with text or an image, attach a quote or a review block, use the tilda constructor blocks. Where are the tilda blocks locat? Hover over any block, a white plus in a black circle will appear below it.

You ne to click on it, and all the blocks

Will open on the left. Another option is to find theblack rectangle at the end of the page and click on it. For the convenience of users, they are group into subsections. Loading pictures to change the picture, you ne to click the “Upload file” button. The Benin Phone Number List procure is  you will open the desir file on your computer. Another option is to open the folder with images on your computer and drag the desir one into the tilda window. Creating a button on tilda to create a button on the site, you ne to select a separate “Button” block in the.

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Buttons and forms subsection Or use a

Ready-made block from some template. This is usually specifi in the block description. For the button to work, it also nes to be configur. First, you ne to fill in the “Button text” field – this is how it will be call. The name depends on what action the user performs on the page. “buy”, “go”, “watch”, “learn more”, “order” – the best for the name of the button is EC Lists a verb that encourages action. Secondly, you ne to configure where the button will lead. In the “Button link” field, you ne to register the url – the address of the desir page. There are two options here: insert the address of any page on the internet.

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