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This will not be reflect anywhere, but it will allow you not to get confus in the projects. After all, on a business tariff, you can create up to five sites on one account. If you suddenly get lost on the site, click on “My sites” in the main menu – the first item after the logo. you can select one of your projects. On the first visit, the most important buttons will be highlight for you: “help center”, “site settings” and “create a new page”. Let’s go through each of them. In the help center you can get an answer to any question you have.

Tilda has very friendly technical support

Always ready to solve your problem to the last. They speak russian, which is important. In the site settings , we are now interest in the tab “Home” . Here you ne to change the name of the project and indicate the essence of the project in the “Site description” field. Domain on tilda by default, your site’s domain name will look like This is a domain (website name) of the third level. On the free plan, you can only change the part with Connecting your Belarus Phone Number List domain, without the prefix “Tilda”, is possible only on paid plans. Write down what your subdomain will be call – what will be reflect in the address bar.

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In the left menu, you only fill in the

Data in the “Main” tab. Everything else is either early, or available only on paid plans. After iting, click the “Save changes” button, and then click “Close”. You are again taken to the site iting window. Step 2. Create a new page on tilda the “Create a new page” button EC Lists brings us to a sea of ​​possibilities. In tilda, you can make a beautiful blog, a functional store, a large multi-page website, a portfolio, and anything else.

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