Three menu items appear above understand from

Step 5: it and customize the blocks you want when you select any block, it to the left. Customizing the visual image of the block the first rectangle is a kind of address, it helps to orient and  which section the block was taken and what number it has. The letters indicate the name of the section, and the number indicates what number it is locat there. If you ne the same one in the future, you can easily find it in the list by number. You can also see how the same block can look different and replace it in the template with a more appropriate one. If you change the block, set the slider to “Keep content when switching”, otherwise you will have to insert your texts and pictures again.

Block element settings in the second

Section of settings, you can set the color of the background, buttons, center elements differently, adjust the spacing between elements, change the size of images, and finally remake the block into a zero block (configurable from scratch). Zero block is not a story for beginners, so we will not talk about it in this article. Attention, the content of the settings Bahrain Phone Number List depends on the elements us: pictures, buttons, columns, text. Therefore, the settings are different in different blocks. This is fine. Tilda templates were develop by professional web designers: typography, font combinations, spacing between lines and neighboring blocks are verifi.

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Therefore, in the first experiments

I recommend that you change something in the settings item as little as possible. The maximum is the colors and shape of the buttons and the background color. If you did something terrible and it the block in the wrong way, you can undo the changes. The EC Lists cancel button is locat in the top menu of the site page. Content customization in the third rectangle, texts, button labels, headings, pictures change. Instead of the template, insert your content.

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