With installing different theme options to

You can select them using the topic search directly from your site’s console. Selecting a template from the site console search for topics. From the site console another option is to download the theme from specializ sites using search engines. Finding a pattern using search engines finding a pattern using search engines general. Recommendations for choosing a theme for a wordpress site: it is better to choose adaptive templates. They allow you to comfortably view the site from any stationary and mobile devices. If it is not possible to purchase a paid template, then carefully choose a free one: read user reviews, experiment check the correct display. Be sure to check the template for viruses before installing it on the site.

After downloading the archive to your computer

You can use the online check service: drweb or virustotal . Install? Now let’s set up the theme. To do this, in the site console, go to the “Appearance” section, select “Customize”. Each theme will have an individual set of settings. And they are all intuitive. Usually, you can it the site title and description, colors, markup (column positions), upload a header and background image, adjust the site Taiwan Phone Number List menu, and add widgets (functional blocks). An example of theme settings for wordpress an example of theme settings for wordpress congratulations, you have complet the basic settings and are ready to fill your business card website with content.

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For this, the last step is to create static pages

Step 7. Create site pages go to the “Pages/create new” tab. Add a page title and description. Create a new page creating a new page to add a picture to the text, you ne to click the “Add mia file” button in the recording settings and upload the desir image. How to add a mia file EC Lists adding a mia file upload the file and fill in the main attributes: title and alt. Do the same for other pages on your site.

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