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Due to the fact that we have different channels of communication with the audience, it became possible to create new advertising formats, not necessarily paid ones. For example, each article that appears on the site is announc by all means available to us, while each information channel can be activat at different intervals in terms of the duration of the campaign and the frequency of publication of announcements. This gives our potential customers ample opportunity to express themselves and talk about their products and services. Why so many different venues? Which one has the largest reach and user activity? Each site is interesting for us in its own way.

Over time, some format loses its coverage and

Attention of readers, but some other shoots up. For example, 10 years ago, the mailing list help us a lot and was in demand as an advertising mium, now the influx of visitors through social networks and pin services is much more relevant. At the moment, the forum format is gradually Sri-Lanka Phone Number List dying out as a the audience, and we are increasingly focusing on social networks. In my opinion, the runet is now going through a very interesting moment: there is a powerful change in technologies, for example, advertising, as well as ways to communicate.

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with the audience video channels

Podcast services, webinars, and so on are developing very actively. And we, as a high-quality thematic platform, have a large scope of work. You recently creat a “handmade runet club” on facebook, where you wrote how you divide your audience. Tell us a little about each of its segments? Yes, a few weeks ago I creat our club on facebook . It would seem, why? After all, we already have EC Lists a forum and a vkontakte group, and the resources of the project are limit, a new channel of communication with readers takes time and effort. It turn out that even the choice of a social network depends on which category of readers we want to appeal to.

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