Marketing and so on Each category of readers

Beginners and repeaters are those who love to pursue their hobby, but do not invent anything yet and use ready-made descriptions, master classes and recommendations. Creators – this category of readers has reach a high professional level, such people create author’s works, descriptions, lessons, maintain their blogs and websites, develop webinars, trainings, create youtube channels, and so on. Entrepreneurs or those who own stores or sell products in our niche (crafts, diy stores at craft fair, etsy, etc.) requires a special approach. How does the project benefit each segment? For a very long time, our magazine was focus on a passive audience.

We collect interesting projects and workshops

Useful tips and ideas, and it was in great demand. But the project is developing, creators and entrepreneurs have begun to look at us more and more, I consider these two groups of readers to be an active audience, because they are those who invent and make themselves: create, develop, sell. Along the way, beginners grow up, turn into professionals, and instead of consuming Tunisia Phone Number List information, they begin to create it. Different ways of interacting with these two large groups of our readers are requir, and we will work actively on this in the new year.

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Of course we will continue as before to

Search and announce on our pages the most interesting things from the world of nelework in terms of finish projects, descriptions, master classes, and so on, in no case will we abandon beginners and everyone who just wants to escape from everyday life and fill up with beauty. But we EC Lists will pay much more attention to the active part of our audience. Handicraft runet has great ways to help you make yourself known, promote your brand, and talk about your product.

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