Instagram Giveaways: How to make a giveaway and choose a winner. Now also with reels

Instagram Giveaways How to make Raffles are usually a common tool in social media to achieve different objectives: increase in followers, engagement, notoriety, reach… In this article we are going to explain step by step how to do raffles and contests. In addition, on Instagram and with which APP to choose the winner. But first, we are going to point out two . In addition,concepts that are often confused: the differences between a contest and a raffle .

Main objectives of a Instagram Giveaways How to make

How to make Main objectives of aInstagram Giveaways. As I pointed top industry data out at the beginning, with these types of actions we can achieve. In addition, different objectives on Instagram. Some of them may be: giveaways on instagramIncrease the number of followers. Make your profile known to new users under the prescription of those who already know you. Increase the interaction. In addition, of your posts. Generate content around your brand or company on Instagram and monitor it under a hashtag. Boost your brand. 

Giveaways between the comments of a post with reels

For this type of giveaway, you can use both tools: Cool Tabs or EC Lists Easyrpromos . If you decide on the first one, Cool Tabs , it is necessary to create the draw with Instagram Sweepstakes ( Cool Tabs ) immediately after publishing the photo or video on Instagram on which the draw will be held so that the app collects all the interactions correctly. 

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