Giveaways on Instagram stories: It is now possible to do them

Giveaways on It is now possible to do  Instagram Stories ! Yes, as you read it. The Easypromos. In addition, application is the first to offer this functionality that many of us on social media have been waiting for years. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to gain. In addition, visibility and improve engagement . Next, I explain how to do a giveaway on Instagram stories .

Easypromos now allows you to carry out Giveaways on

As I have commented in different articles, giveaways on social industry email list networks are one of the most common social media actions to achieve certain. In addition, social media objectives: add new followers, increase the reach of a publication, improve engagement , publicize a new product, etc But until now it was only possible to do them. In addition, among those who commented on a publication in any Instagram format (video, image, carousel or reel ). 

What objectives can we achieve with to do them

As in any social media action, giveaways in Instagram EC Lists stories allow us to achieve different objectives. I explain which are the most common: Visibility. Stories are one of the formats that achieve the greatest visibility on Instagram . If we get users to interact with a story, it will have a better chance of being seen by other users. But not only this, those users who have interacted with the giveaway will have more options to see our stories again .

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