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Knowmad Society defines knowmad as those in which nomadic or interchangeable knowlge and a large dose of creativity, imagination and innovation converge ; people who are able to work with others at any time and anywhere, making the concept of the office obsolete. Very Well What.Knowmads are valuable for the knowlge they possess, which becomes a competitive advantage in social and work contexts. This is because they have the virtue of reconfiguring relationship schemes and work ecosystems without too many complications.

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For knowmads, work is fundamentally relat to the possibility of generating significant results . An individual’s job differs from the concept of career in the Knowmad Society. Thus, while a career is something that carries a person through life, an individual job is a set of activities sustain by business database elements that have a purpose on a personal level. In other words, the results of a knowmad’s work are completely personal responsibility and this is the reason why they are adapt to dissimilar circumstances. For this reason, too, knowmads constantly define and refine

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Their work and this is reflect in the fact that they can perform several tasks at the same time and are involv in entrepreneurship projects and social activities. As soon as there is the possibility of making a change, a knowmad will immiately move in that direction. Very Well What It is evident, then. That in EC Lists every knowmad there is a great impulse to transform and innovate, which makes it clear that they conceive studies and knowlge in terms of actions. A variable that is not. Always given importance.

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