A Step by Step Guide to Building an Industry

Standing out online isn’t just about creating an aesthetically pleasing website with amazing creative content. If your content is not SEO friendly, it will not rank on search engine results pages. You won’t be able to reach your target audience and get the conversions you want.

Recent figures show that the ROI of SEO marketing can be as much as 12.2 times your overall marketing spend . You can also achieve similar results by adding SEO optimization strategies to your content marketing efforts.

Writing and publishing content with creative visual storytelling is great, but you also need to know your target audience and understand what keywords to target.

Why a content calendar is important

Fortunately, a comprehensive SEO content calendar can help you solve all of this. Here we explore how to maximize your content strategy and publishing efforts with a best-in-class SEO-driven content calendar.

A content calendar is a comprehensive timeline that details Whatsapp Database your brand’s upcoming content initiatives. A master plan document that stores upcoming content in a centralized location.

A content calendar is a map that shows your content team how often you plan to write and post blog posts, case studies, social media captions, and other promotional content.

How to Build a Best-in-Class SEO-Driven Content Calendar

Wondering how to maximize the benefits outlined above? Check out our powerful guide to help you create an SEO-driven editorial calendar:

Get started with a content calendar template
Since your content calendar requires the EC Lists work of multiple creative teams, it’s a good idea to use a project management tool to coordinate team work. We also recommend using a tool to help you manage your big-picture calendar: the Content Calendar template.

The ideal content calendar template lets you see what’s next at a glance. A great content calendar template makes it easy to assign dates and deadlines to your planned blog. It also gives you a bird’s eye view to help you avoid mistakes like SEO duplicate content .

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