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This model, which was inspir by Architecture (spaces accessible to all), is what we want to bring to a classroom: teachers who understand the diversity of students and who are flexible in their teaching methods, and logical, too. of evaluation. Relation to Which Be careful, we are not talking exclusively about students with physical difficulties of some kind, nor about students who necessarily have an attention or learning deficit. We talk about students in general, none of them are the same, and therefore finding the strength of each of our students is, I know, a very difficult task, but urgent and necessary.

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Still schools, and even less so teachers, want to carry a model that requires them to think about how to make learning accessible (if it is easier to repeat), think about what reading or material suits my students (again I repeat), prepare material business lead with the one that interacts (there is no money), generate innovative learning options (they don’t pay me enough). I already wrote about motivation in a previous article and without going that far, the DUA model is just that: a new way of reflecting motivation, so to speak. The DUA is the motivation of the 21st century. John Moravec,

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American sociologist and founder of the ucation Futures organization, has been researching for several years what characteristics ucation should have in order to solve current and future problems . Relation to Which In his book Knowmad Society (2013) he states that a main task bas EC Lists on the technological, changing and unprictable world in which we live is the ne to promote knowlge creation systems. In this scenario, the knowmad paradigm, which personaliz and translat into Spanish would be a nomad of knowlge, makes sense. The

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